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5 Construction TV Series Worth Your Attention


A list of 5 TV series about some extraordinary pieces of engineering, cutting-edge designs, extreme construction projects, and innovative solutions to watch in your free time.

Is there anything good on the telly? We all sometimes need to just sit down comfortably and watch something on the telly. With a wide range of films and TV series accessible at one click thanks to streaming services, sometimes it can be exhausting just to decide what to watch.

Some of us probably want the story to take our mind far away from daily duties. Some, on the other hand, like to watch something that would educate them on their field - they seek some thought-provoking and inspiring documentaries.

If you are one of those people, we would like to present you a list of 5 TV series about some extraordinary pieces of engineering, cutting-edge designs, extreme construction projects, and innovative solutions to watch in your free time. Enjoy!

GRAND DESIGNS - TV Show About Construction

This one is a classic! Although the first episode was aired over 20 years ago the programme is still top-rated. Each episode the host meets up with people building their dream houses, every one of them being an unusual or extravagant project. They discuss the project, the host visits the construction site periodically throughout the whole process, witnessing setbacks, delays and obstacles.

The show offers insight into extraordinary projects and depicts what challenges may have to be faced realizing them. Moreover, it gives the viewer a complete outlook on the process from the project, through the reality of building it, solving problems and adapting to new situations. It is undoubtedly entertaining and exciting, and we would recommend it to everyone who has not seen it yet each episode.

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/Available to watch on BBC Channel4 player and on Amazon Prime Video.


Both series cover a similar topic – they give the viewers an insight into the most extreme projects in the construction industry. Each episode let us step into the construction site of the tallest, biggest, first in history or ground-breaking projects, delivering great educational value through facts, in-depth analyses of obstacles plus solutions and interviews with architects and engineers working on the project.

Both shows offer excellent educational quality and are definitely worth giving them a try if we want to see the construction industry at its best.

(source: Amazon.com)

/Megastructures is available on National Geographic and Amazon Prime Video
/Build it Bigger is available on Amazon Prime Video.


Although last season was aired in 2011, the show still gains recognition for its high educational value. Each episode of the show takes us back to investigate engineering breakthroughs that have enabled us to create the most significant structures currently in existence.

It gives the viewer a much broader perspective of how science and technology constantly improve our lives by building up on each other and on the previous generations of innovators. It may be very interesting to be reminded that all the “obvious” and “standard” mechanisms and solutions that we use everyday where once, and in fact still are, a groundbreaking invention.

The series has been praised for being incredibly well-researched, providing accurate and interesting facts and theories and at the same time not overwhelming the viewer with too much of the scientific jargon.

(source: National Geographic Channel)

/Available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

BUILDING WILD Construction TV Show

This National Geographic series shows the design and building of a beautiful new cabin in every episode and every one of them has some very unusual twist to it – whether it is the ability to spin around or being built around the school bus.

(source: National Geographic Channel)

It presents some very creative designs and unexpected solutions, as well as challenges of building in the wild and challenging environment of the northern part of the USA. Although maybe less impressive and sophisticated than the construction projects depicted in other series on the list, it shows raw talent, creativity and craftsmanship, as well as a good dose of hard work.

And that’s exactly what is so great about the series - it feels closer to any one of us, and watching it we can feel more like an insider and get more invested in the process.

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/Available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


It is a PBS series about the pioneers and innovators in the field of sustainable architecture, presenting how their work produces solutions to exceed environmental and social challenges. It examines the built environment's both ecological and social effects, and the design innovations that can reduce buildings' contribution to climate change.

It educates the viewers on the problems of climate change in terms of construction projects and provides examples of solutions - watching it we can become more environmentally-conscious and inspired to work on the change for the better.

(source: pbs.org)

The sustainable, environmentally friendly building should absolutely be a priority for the construction industry as a whole, so we would highly recommend this very informative and genuinely captivating series. Not to mention it is narrated by Brad Pitt, which is always a win.

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/Available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

We hope that this short list will make the choice of what to watch next a little bit easier. We all need some time to relax and with these construction tv series your time off could be equally educational and entertaining.

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