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5 Free Snag List Templates
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Snag lists (or punch lists, depending on your geographic location) are part of the snagging survey, which is a crucial part of any project.

It allows owners and contractors to find imperfections and fix them before the completion - so that all parties involved are sure of the highest quality of the final result.

Final snagging is often prepared by the appropriate certifying authority architect or contract administrator during inspection for the practical completion of a building project. However, you might find yourself in a position to prepare a snag list on your own - that’s where our templates might come in handy!

If you want to learn more about snagging process, check out this article:

Construction Snag Lists: (Almost) Everything You Need to Know in 2022


1.Snag List Template (Google Docs)

General Snag List in Google Docs

General, simple snagging template, great for internal check-ups for anything that needs to be fixed.

Download Snag List Template (Google Docs)

2. Snagging Checklist Template (Spreadsheet)

Snagging Checklist in Spreadsheet

This is also a highly customisable snag list template, with additional space for storing links to the photos of detected snags.

Download Snagging Checklist Template (Spreadsheet)

3. Snagging List Template (detailed - spreadsheet)

Snagging List (Detailed) in Spreadsheet

This template enables you to create a more detailed snag list, including the location and action required to fix each snag.

Download Snagging List Template (Spreadsheet)

4. New Build Snagging Checklist (Spreadsheet)

New Build Snagging List (Spreadsheet)

If you’re not a professional snag inspector, you might use it for a little help on what to pay attention to - we’ve got you covered! With this template, you have questions that help you check for the most important and common snags - and you have plenty of space to add your custom items!

Download New Build Snagging Checklist (Spreadsheet)

5. New Build Snagging List (Google Docs)

New Build Snagging List in Google Docs

We also provide the template with questions for the new build snagging survey in doc format, as it may be more convenient for some of you.

New Build Snagging List (Google Docs)


Snagging List FAQ:


  • What is a snag list?

A snag list is the effect of the snagging survey, which lists all detected snags, making sure all parties are on the same page about what has to be remedied. A snag is a minor flaw that remains after the contractor has finished a project, which must be fixed before the handover.

  • Who prepares a snag list?

A snag list should be prepared by several key stakeholders, including the owner, general contractor, subcontractors and architects. The owner can also choose to hire a professional snagging company to survey the building.

  • How do I present a snag list?

The snag list should include the name of the person carrying the inspection, the property name and address, and the date of the survey. The format of the list will usually include a precise location of the snag, the type and details of the issue, and the status of the snag.

If you want to learn about it in more detail, check out our guide to all you need to know about snag lists in 2022.

  • Who pays for snagging?

Usually, the buyer pays for a professional snagging survey, but it can be passed to the developer if added to the purchase contract. While hiring a professional, make sure to get quotes from a couple of companies to make sure you get a fair price.

  • What is the difference between a snag list and a punch list?

There is no difference between a snag list and a punch list - they’re essentially the same thing. Punch list is a term used primarily in the US, while the term snagging list is standard and recognizable in the UK, Ireland and Australia and New Zealand.

  • When should the snagging list be completed?

Snagging list can be completed at multiple stages as specific subcontractors are handing over their work, but the overall snagging inspection should be carried out after all building work is completed, but before the legal completion of the sale and exchanging contracts between the owner and general contractor.

  • What is de-snagging?

De-snagging is the 2nd inspection conducted after the developer team confirms that all the snags are rectified. It’s to ensure that all the defects from the original snagging list have been rectified and no further damage has been done during repairs.

  • Why is snagging important?

Snagging is important because it enables us to identify and fix any problems with the property as early as possible, hold all parties involved in the project accountable for what they deliver, ensure the highest standard of the final build and make sure that all parties are satisfied with the end result.


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