A To-do List for Successful Digital Transformation


Are you interested in investing in a digital solution that will support your daily processes and improve visibility over the company's financial indicators? Before you rush into purchasing construction management software, check out our article! Find out the 6 steps you should follow for successful digital transformation to fully benefit from streamlined construction processes!

If you are reading this article, you probably feel the need to digitise your company. You most likely realise as well a plethora of benefits that a proper construction management platform can give you. However, to take advantage of organised data and of a clear view of your company's financial situation, you need to properly conduct your business's digital transformation. Do you know how to do it right?

Even though the market is changing and the need for digital solutions is getting stronger, some company owners are still afraid of digital transformation. There are various reasons for that: some worry about organisational chaos that the implementation of new tools might bring. Certain companies are concerned about aversion aroused by new technologies, especially among older employees, while others simply fear the unknown results of changes.

Whatever your fears are, we can all agree that new technologies are the future of construction. However, it does not have to be a leap into the unknown! To help you in the process, we have prepared a to-do list for successful transformation. Check out how you can make it easier in 6 steps!

1. Analyse your company's situation

First things first, you will not find a proper solution unless you determine what the needs are first. Before you rush into purchasing software that seems impeccable on the website, you should spend some time reviewing your company’s situation.

Try to consider the following points:

  • How is the company managing financially at the project level?

  • Do you have a clear overview of what is happening in the company? If not, why?

  • Which aspects of communication inside the company could be fixed?

  • What are the most challenging aspects of project delivery?

  • What is the most common reason for delays, overspending?

2. Engage your employees in the process

Of course, you are the person responsible for the final decision. However, your employees are the ones who will work on the new system daily. Their insights should be precious for you as digital transformation is all about people and making their work easier.

That is why, you should try to find out what challenges your employees face and which aspects of project delivery are the most difficult for them. Maybe they already have some ideas on how to improve the processes? Even up to 82% of employees see the possibilities and have some ideas on how to modernise the company but feel ignored or not listened to! So, rather than approaching your team with a concrete plan, listen to their suggestions with an open mind to be able to thoroughly analyse all the ideas later on.

3. Review company's management tools

Construction processes are no longer like the ones from thirty years ago. Whether on site or in the office, there are many different tools that you can use to support your project delivery. That is why, you should try reviewing the management tools you are already using before investing in the new ones.

  1. For what processes or parts of projects are you using specific tools?

  2. Are they fulfiling the company's needs?

  3. If not, what solutions do they lack? What do you expect from new software? What features must it have?

Sometimes we do not see that something is not working until we spend time analysing it. That is why it is so important to review the tools you already have. Maybe, you are already using construction software, but it lacks a few crucial options. Take your time and divide the tools in two categories: the irreplaceable ones (that your company benefits from) and those that are unnecessary or could be replaced for their better versions.

4. Look for new construction management software

Time to look for construction solutions! You can find various types of tools and technologies on the market. How to choose the best one?

If we could give you only one piece of advice, it would be to focus more on flexibility rather than complexity. Even though the whole construction industry faces similar challenges, each company experiences them differently, so some perfect, ready-to-use solutions might be entirely inapplicable for your situation. A modular/flexible construction management platform might be a better choice, as it offers solutions tailored to the company's needs, giving you the tools to deal with your specific challenges.

5. Check the possibility of integrations

Imagine that you invested in new construction software. Everything looks fine, but after a few weeks, it turns out that the system does not integrate with other company’s tools. Your employees have to enter the same data twice, losing time and energy that they could otherwise spend on other activities. Duplicated work generates additional costs and problems instead of solving them, leading to digital transformation failure.

That is why it is so important to check if the software you are considering buying offers integrations. No software can fulfil all your company's needs, ideally from A to Z but if integrated with other tools, it can create a management solution suited to your needs.

6. Invest in the best choice

If you have properly:

  • taken a closer look at your company’s indicators

  • involved your employees in the process by listening to their needs and ideas

  • examined the management tools you already have and their current performance

  • analysed pros and cons of construction management solutions offered on the market

  • made sure about the possibility of integrations

Now, it is finally time to start your digital transformation!

Of course, it is not the end of the process (like many companies think), as you still need time, effort and your employees' engagement to implement the solutions. However, if you rethink many aspects before purchasing software, the implementation process will be much easier. And in the end, you can benefit from all advantages that come with digitised processes: all data in one place with easy access, organised construction processes and visibility over the company's performance and financial stability!

We know that in the blog article, everything seems much easier than in real life. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of possibilities offered on the market or you are lost in the construction business terminology, feel free to contact us. Together, we will find a management solution that is integrated and customised to your needs!

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