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Golden Thread for Your Business:

Archdesk & Business Management


Business Management and Project Management need to go together to ensure a holistic view and control over a company. How can it be done? What is a Golden Thread? Find out and use it to your advantage!

Being a high-quality, modern ERP software, Archdesk is so much more than your typical Project Management solution. Thanks to “The Golden Thread” offered by Archdesk, your business can grow a lot with just a little more effort. Essentially, it provides tight communication between business management and project management.

We are all well aware of the unprecedented troubles and odds any company needs to overcome. Whether it concerns the construction industry or manufacturing, the problems emerging are very much alike: bad planning, poor estimation, inefficient data management, slow-paced processes or a lack of oversight to name a few

Luckily modern technology is able to fully support the needs of today’s construction companies. Our software uses innovative solutions to ensure end-to-end support and a holistic approach to your company management.

Unlike generic management systems, Archdesk’s software emphasizes functionality, which helps companies handle various operations without difficulties, from equipment management all the way to materials management, while providing a great platform for multiple workflows.

This cloud-based software is specifically tailored to your company’s needs and most of all focuses on streamlining communication between different departments

Golden Thread for Your Business

Since the term “Golden Thread” appears across many different disciplines, it has more than one specific meaning. In construction, we usually encounter this term in the context of “the golden thread of information”, which means an accurate and up-to-date record of the building data needed to maintain and operate an asset.


“The golden thread should detail how a building was designed, built and maintained, with all project and asset data being held digitally: it acts as a live repository, linking all data about how a building is managed and operated.”
– Rebecca de Cicco, director of Digital Node and founder of Women in BIM.


It is fairly well-known that information concerning construction projects is hardly ever complete and accessible. The fragmented data and the lack of a records trail may threaten safety, potentially leading to a tragic outcome. In order to prevent such events, we need to take precautions by supporting the development and implementation of the golden thread of data.

How Does Golden Thread Work?

Now, you may ask yourself (and rightly so) what precisely is this process going to look like. Besides achieving successful communication across different departments, the main intention of the golden thread is to improve accountability.

In order to do so, it will record who signed off information at every critical point across the design and construction stages, which will guarantee capturing the digital engagement of people by simply registering their decision.

The Golden Thread reflects the BIM process (Building Information Modeling) and information delivery cycle while outlining the responsibilities of those involved in the project. It is clear which responsibilities are assigned to each worker alongside their key roles that will help develop smooth information flow within the project.

It works as a digital description in the form of digitised information models that every person working on the project has unlimited access to and can modify, from the architect to the client. Thanks to this process being held during the operational phase of the project, the latter can be double-checked and verified for execution and safety.

Golden Thread in Archdesk!

At Archdesk, we realise that each business is organised differently and therefore requires an individual approach, oriented to your company’s specific needs. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we implement the best solution that will help you kickstart your business and enable its smooth digital transformation.

Archdesk will help you:

  • Integrate and optimise your workflow

  • Automate various processes.

  • Streamline communication between your business and your projects

  • Deliver a comprehensive business management solution alongside a project management system individually adapted to your company

Archdesk improves your work by making sure essential information is updated at key stages of the project and exchanged across different departments of your company.

We guarantee your team will thank you for it and you will see the desired results very promptly. Managing tasks will become easier and faster, and there is no place for human error, delays or money loss.

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