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Archdesk Has No Bad Legacy

Innovative Technology of The Future


Technology is continuously evolving. That is why older software have (as it is often called) a bad legacy. Why is it a risk for your company's image, profits, and security? And why will Archdesk ERP never have a bad legacy?

Remind yourself of the year 2001. Do you remember what technologies (like computers, phones, record players) you used at that time? Even though it was only twenty years ago, the world has changed dramatically since then. Moreover, the pace of these changes speeds up every year!

According to scientists, we are currently living in the phase of the 4th industrial revolution.
However, when it comes to the construction industry, the time has in some ways stopped. Many companies are still using the same technology as twenty years ago, not knowing that this is connected with the risk of a bad legacy that can heavily impact a company's performance.

What Is a “Bad Legacy”?

A “Bad Legacy” refers to a previous or outdated computer system. It can be related to any piece of technology you use with features that no longer support 100% of your company's needs.

Why is the technology that was perfect for us in the past no longer fulfilling its goals? It is because reality is changing extremely fast nowadays. If your company wants to survive in the market, you have to adapt quickly to these changes. The software you use should too, but there is often a lack of essential updates or the available ones become too expensive compared to the initial technology price. As a result, you might stick with outdated technology that does not support your needs fully.

Why Should You Avoid System Legacy?

Consider how it affects your company's performance in multiple ways, such as:

  • Data security
    When a system is frequently outdated, it may turn out that it is also not adequately secured. Because of insufficient protection, companies are exposed to hackers’ attacks, and due to the lack of automatic backups, they are also at risk of data loss.

    In JP Morgan’s case, they lost almost 6.2 billion dollars in 2012. According to their own analysis, one of the reasons was an outdated IT system. Data security is clearly one of the cornerstones for a safe company environment that minimizes risk.

  • Increased failure rates
    Older technology has a higher chance for possible systems errors, lags and breakdowns. Of course, these may happen even with the best software, but, if it occurs frequently, it may impact a company's image, customer satisfaction and in the end cause profit loss.

  • Higher costs
    This point may appear a little confusing at first. After all, how can our costs be higher if we did not invest in anything new? Such reasoning may be correct in the short term but, after some time, the old system's costs grow. This is due to the need to spend more money to correct the old system's mistakes or invest in pricey updates that do not cover all your new processes.

Why Does Archdesk Have No Bad Legacy?

Our software will never have a bad legacy. How is this possible?

  • 01

    Customised to Your Needs
    We take pride in being configurable! Our software is created based on flexible blocks. This means that during the implementation process, all needed functions are configured to your needs. Unlike other software on the market, we do not offer an “off-the-shelf” solution that doesn’t take into account your unique company set up - we are able to build Archdesk around your workflows so the software fits like a glove. It is designed to support 100% of your processes.

  • 02

    Continuous Improvement
    Our software grows with you! There will never be a situation when it is outdated or unable to integrate with other tools you use. Our ERP is state-of-the-art, continually improving and constantly being developed with new technologies, new solutions and new modules.

  • 03

    Care And Support
    We will not leave you alone! During the implementation process, you will have provided support at every stage. As our customer, you will have access to the Knowledge Database with step-by-step instructions shown in graphics and videos. Also, we value our customers' feedback, as it helps us improve and develop our solutions.

  • 04

    Constant Security
    Your company is safe with us! Our ERP is cloud based, which means that your data are stored in the cloud and protected round-the-clock. There is no risk of losing any information. Software is available anytime and everywhere, as long as the users have a stable internet connection.

The world today is changing really fast, so before changing your software, pick the one that will grow with you! Archdesk’s motto is innovation. That is why we love listening to valuable feedback and evolving to create better solutions to help your company achieve efficiency and success. We understand your needs, we support you, and together we can make a step towards the future of construction!

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