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Archdesk Social Values

What We Believe In


At Archdesk, we believe in a construction industry that is inclusive, diverse and built on the principles of equality and respect. We believe that by working together and #EmpoweringByExample, we can achieve this. In this article, we would like to share our values and the issues we care about, and what we do to support positive change!

The perception of how people do business and how companies work has been undergoing significant changes in the past few years. Gone are the days when we accepted heartless corporations that cared for nothing except profits – and thank goodness for that!

We are beginning to evaluate businesses not only through their products or services but also through their company culture, how they treat their employees, what values they claim (and if they actually put them into practice) and the environmental impact they have.

We understand how important it is to know if a company you want to work with is also someone you want to connect with. Will they share the values that are close to your heart? That's why we wanted to share with you the values we believe in, what issues are important to us and what we do to support positive change in the industry.

Who Is Archdesk? The World We Believe In

Archdesk was built as an international company supporting cooperation between industry experts, regardless of their ethnicity or country, sexual orientation, and religious preferences. Our company values include Communication and Alignment, as we prioritize cooperation without boundaries, focusing on mutual support and learning from each other.

Archdesk's mission is to change how construction companies work worldwide, driving the industry's potential to the highest level. We strongly believe that this means not only supporting construction's digitalization and adoption of new technologies but also introducing cultural and social change as well. We are doing this by empowering women in construction, advocating for diversity and equality in the workplace and promoting shared respect and appreciation between the unique individuals that make up the industry. Throughout the time our company has existed, we have been vocal about social issues that we think are crucial for the construction industry to become a better and more welcoming place.

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    Ethnic Equality and BAME Workers
    Over the years, we have advocated for the ethnic diversity of the construction industry in the UK, by pointing out the challenges minorities face within the sector as well as the barriers that keep them from pursuing this career path. We also proposed possible solutions to make the situation better for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) employees, which would also bring benefits for the industry. Due to the industry’s harmful stereotypes, we are missing out on skilled workers that can bring new perspectives to the table.

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    Women Empowerment
    Archdesk is passionate about empowering women to pursue a career in construction; that's why we have organized the Women in Construction Campaign. We are constantly highlighting and discussing women's situations in the industry, proposing solutions and encouraging companies to attract more women into the industry and ensure they will be treated equally to their male counterparts. We believe it is especially important now in the age of skill and labor shortages in the UK. We believe this gap may be closed by giving a fair chance to all.

    We promote profiles and stories of women who are successful in construction and who are changing the industry’s image day by day, like our interview with Monica Brandic Lipińska, a Space Architect working for NASA!

    We believe in the power of #EmpowerByExample – we know that young generations need representation and role models that are diversified. We believe that young girls and boys have the right to be whoever they want – whether it's ballet dancers, accountants or excavation workers. It's up to them to decide. Through understanding and acceptance, we can move forward into a new, better reality.

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    Fight For the Environment
    At Archdesk, we also acknowledge that one of the bigger (if not the biggest!) challenges ahead of all humanity is climate change. That's why we continue promoting and educating on the ways construction companies can be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Digitalization and use of modern technologies, as well as new methods of construction (like modular and off-site construction), are a great way to reduce the amount of waste and carbon emissions.

Practise What You Preach!

Besides educating and promoting social issues, we care about practising what we believe to be right!

  • Our differences - Our Strength!

    Archdesk hires people from all around the world, from the United Kingdom, through Jordan and Brazil, to South Africa and Romania. Among our employees, there are many different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, but what we care about is their relevant experience and expertise and how our team would work rather than focus on what sets us apart. We believe that each person is very different. We want to embrace these differences among us, as we believe that our different perspectives enrich our company if in a supportive and welcoming environment.
    Throughout time, we saw how the diversity of our work environment makes it a better place – not only can we look at an issue from multiple unique perspectives, but as a company, we are better equipped to understand the needs and mindsets of our very diverse client base.

  • The Women of Archdesk

    Archdesk also empowers women in our company structure. Women constitute 43% of our entire team (and the number is continuously growing!), and more than half of the management positions are held by them. Each of our teams – be it Sales, Marketing, Implementation, Customer Care or Tech – has female representation.

  • Company Culture - Grow With Us!

    We also strongly believe in development – we gladly help our employees to grow and realize their talents within our company. We welcome open communication and the free flow of ideas between our team members. We put great care into listening to each other and keeping a friendly and supportive atmosphere in the workplace. We hope that this cooperative and welcoming mindset transcends our business actions and connects with our customers.

This is what we believe in and how we do things at Archdesk. We admit we are not perfect (is anyone?) and that we need to keep trying our best to bring better values to society and support issues close to our hearts. We are absolutely willing to keep putting work into this, hoping that our actions can, at least in some way, make construction a better place with equal opportunities for all.

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