Your Archdesk Experience Just Improved with Version 2023.2

Product Update (April 2023)

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Jack Phillips
Customer Success Manager

Jack is the Customer Success Manager at Archdesk.

We've got some cool updates for Archdesk that we think you'll love.

Our team has been working on refining features, making workflows smoother, and polishing up user interfaces.

Check out the details below to see how these changes can really improve your experience.

Project process management just got better

An image of Archdesk's project processes tool in the product

Our Processes module has a new look and feel. You'll notice fewer clicks, cleaner data visualisation, and information that's easy to find.

Custom inputs are simpler, and batch actions are now a smooth experience. These changes will make managing your projects more efficient and enjoyable. 

Give it a go and see the difference.

One-click data filtering for smarter speedy analysis

An image of Archdesk's Data Filtering function in the product

Speed up your data analysis with our new Global Dashboard Filters. Save time and maintain consistency by applying a single filter across all widgets, instantly updating relevant data with each selection for a streamlined experience.

Upgraded tender participant selection

An image of Archdesk's tender participants tool in the product

We've updated the tender participant selection process.

Now, you can multi-select participants from a data table, and customise it with custom input columns for easier filtering. 

Plus, once you select a company, you can also pick individual contacts linked to it. 

Try the new design and enjoy a more efficient way to manage tender participants.

Collaborate on forms with Form Revisions

An image of Archdesk's form revisions tool in the product

We've added a fantastic feature called Form Revisions.

Now, multiple people can edit a submitted form together, making collaboration easier.

Just a heads up, you'll see a warning when reviewing outdated revisions. To start using Form Revisions, just contact our Archdesk Support Team.

Superior reporting with Data Source Dictionary update

An image of Archdesk's Data Source Dictionary in the product

We've made some improvements to Data Source Dictionaries.

Now, you can include extra input information, making data gathering and reporting even more useful.

You'll see these custom inputs on dashboards, data tables, and module detail pages. 

Give it a try and see how these changes enhance your insights when working with data source values.

Do you want more information?

There are more upgrades in the 2023.2 release and you can read about them here.

If you want more information, you can contact me by email: [email protected].

You can either book a meeting or chat via email. Either way, I'm always open to helping you.

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