28 April 2022 4 min read

Archdesk's Team: Kevin Lea Bringing Passion for Technology into Product Strategy


Our Archdesk family is growing bigger and bigger every day. Today, we are joined by our newest member, the Senior Vice-President of product strategy, Kevin Lea. His experience and knowledge in the field will be of great value to us. Have a look at Kevin’s journey that brought him to Archdesk.

We are back with our Archdesk’s Team series, where we introduce our brand-new members. After Richard Scott, Richard Brotherton and Chris Muir, it is now time to welcome Kevin Lea.

Joining us as Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, Kevin Lea is a passionate advocate of technology and its effective use in transforming the industry. Having graduated in Civil Engineering and with over thirty years of experience in software development, Kevin’s knowledge is going to be extremely valuable for Archdesk!

Route into Industry

Kevin’s route into industry started at the age of 16, when he started working as an apprentice in an engineering office. Working on a drawing board, Kevin was taught the ‘basics’ before moving on to use early CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. In hindsight the timing could not have been better, as he followed the first wave of digitalisation with computerised drawings, models and structural simulations, setting the path for the rest of his vocation.

After completing his apprenticeship, Kevin wanted to learn more. As a result, he went into full-time education and graduated in Civil Engineering, which enabled him to work for a number of prestigious design offices in the UK. However, Kevin’s passion to use technology was still there and he switched his career into software. He has never got bored of it and it seems like he never will.

Kevin Lea, Senior VP Product Strategy

Thirty years later, I am still a passionate advocate about how technology can be used effectively to deliver change and transform the industry


Within his career, Kevin, as he says himself, has been fortunate to work in all areas of business, including sales and business development but it is product strategy where his heart truly lies. According to him, realising an idea and helping customers discover its potential is a privilege, as they rely on your tools for the success of their business.

Kevin Lea, Senior VP Product Strategy

I have also been lucky to have worked with some of the largest construction companies around the world and been privileged to experience the different working practices in construction from Europe, USA to APAC regions

Driving Digital Transformation

During his career, Kevin has been fortunate to have been at the forefront of digital transformations across the AEC industry, including BIM workflows (Building Information Modelling) and digitalisation in both manufacturing and construction processes.

Kevin notices, nevertheless, that there is still a major disconnect in how data flows across disciplines in the industry, more alarmingly directly inside many organisations. He claims that there are a number of reasons for this, not least the availability of the right technology.

Kevin Lea, Senior VP Product Strategy

The benefits of digital workflows in design and manufacturing are well-understood. However, we are currently behind many other industries due to the unique multi-project approach we have in construction where no project is the same. Practically, it has been 20 years since we have seen a major sea change in construction!

In his opinion, the next real innovation is to address the needs of Construction Management and addressing every day issues from effective communication, dataflow, material management, skill shortages to name just a few.

Why Archdesk?

Kevin Lea, Senior VP Product Strategy

What I love about Archdesk is that it is a truly flexible technology platform that supports the management of every type of construction organisation through to facility management; without enforcing new processes on them! Thus making technology bend to customer requirements and not the other way around!

Kevin was aware of Archdesk but it was not until he investigated deeper when it became clear that this is the missing ingredient to truly effecting change in the industry and, more importantly, within those organisations embarking on their own technology journey.

Kevin has been really impressed by both the technology and the passion at Archdesk. His focus now is to help new and existing clients fully realise Archdesk’s vision and the benefits of its technology as a trusted partner.

In summary, Kevin is a passionate advocate for the adoption of innovative digital technology that can revolutionise workflows across the construction industry. As Archdesk grows, he looks forward to helping it build on its successes as it expands into the global player it deserves to be. And, we are looking forward to starting working with him!

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