23 February 2022 5 min read

Archdesk’s Team:

Richard Brotherton Developing Archdesk Business Aligned to Market's Needs


Archdesk is growing, and so is our A-team! Check out our series of articles to discover the most prominent people of Archdesk! Meet Richard Brotherton, our Chief Revenue Officer and read about his experience, vision and approach towards innovations in the construction industry. Enjoy!

As we enter a high-growth phase, we begin to onboard an A-team of trusted industry’s specialists. Join us for the series of articles introducing the people of Archdesk who are building the future of construction.

Today, we want to present to you Richard Brotherton, our Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Global Sales Department. With over thirty years of experience in construction, Richard knows the industry inside and out. His passion for innovations and head full of ideas inspired him to promote the first construction 3D models, while a strong link to BIM technology led him to us. And we couldn’t be happier for this collaboration!

Construction Background & Career Beginnings

One could say that Richard has always had a construction instinct running through his veins. As his family had a construction business, he saw the many problems and issues first hand.

After graduating in civil engineering, Richard started working in the field as a setting out engineer. From the very beginning, however, he was much more drawn to promoting innovations and technologies rather than construction sites (and really wanted a company car). As a result, he moved to the sales department in the early 90s and has stuck to it ever since.

Innovations’ Highlights

Richard discovered his passion for innovations and technology relatively early. He was instrumental in the adoption and growth of 3d models and connecting the design and production process for steel fabrication in construction and helped establish the basics for what we know today as BIM (Building Information Modeling). These innovative ideas were truly revolutionary for that time, as back then words like digital transformation or construction software had not even started to gain popularity.

First Encounter with Archdesk

When cloud technology started to emerge, Richard noticed that the construction could have real time connected data that would combine project management and business management tools to ensure fast information flow. Not much later, he met Michał Mojzesz, the founder of Archdesk and discovered that the idea he had in mind existed as a platform and he wanted to be a part of it.

What also drew Richard's attention was our approach towards clients. Instead of making assumptions on how they should run their business and providing a non flexible ready-made solution the team is very much focused on providing the tools for the business to operate as and how they want to, helping them to understand the best processes and workflows to enable the company to adopt, evolve and improve.

His Mission in Archdesk

As Chief Revenue Officer in Archdesk, one of Richard's primary responsibilities is building the Global Sales Department. The criteria that he mainly focuses on while expanding the Archdesk Team are the values that people can bring to the company. He tries not to fit a person in the strict tasks and responsibilities, as he believes that each employee's unique perspective is something the company benefits from the most.

Richard's main goal is to identify the strongest directions in which the software should be developed to align with the clients' needs. He drives the sales philosophy of understanding customers' problems and ensuring the company delivers an appropriate experience to make it happen.

The Future of Construction

After many years in the industry and an impressive resume, Richard is still passionate about construction. He can see that digital technologies have only accelerated in recent years. According to him, one of the reasons for that is the coronavirus pandemic that forced many small and medium companies to work remotely and invest in innovative digital solutions.

However, the most significant change he can see on the market nowadays is the people building this industry. Many new people entering the construction industry have a much more business approach and are more open to investments in innovations, technologies and solutions that will make work smarter.

And there you have it! As you can tell, Richard’s passion and dedication are second to none, which makes him a great asset for the Archesk Team!

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