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Leticia Lemos

Marketing Manager

Passionate about people, culture, education and technology. Graduated in Social Communications, specialized in strategic marketing for B2B Tech companies and owns a MA in Transatlantic Cultural Studies. Thinks about KPIs, performance and data driven choices with a human touch - loves to do things that people are not doing yet!


June 9, 2020

Successful Modular Construction Comes With Embracing New Ideas and Systems

There are some basic differences between good and profitable modular construction and the traditional full-time on-site construction. Modular construction has a particular process and, therefore, single challenges emerge. Check out Troy Eiken expert’s list of the 3 main challenges that do arise for the field.
March 24, 2020

Women in Construction is about new possibilities

As all our brave interviewees mentioned, women can contribute enormously to this market in how they make things “in a different way”. When they are unable to do this, society as a whole loses. Here is how this happens.

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