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Suhail Rassool

Account Director

Innovative and driven business leader with broad experience guiding companies through digital transformation. Keen knowledge of the African market with broad professional experience in Sales, Strategic Planning, Operations, Safety, Business Development, and Marketing in the technology sector for enterprises. A technical mind focus on efficiency! Passionate about people, teamwork, client cooperation and tech innovations.


November 19, 2020

Mine of The Future: A Path for Successful Digital Transformation and Competitive Advantage

To move forward with digital transformation by developing digital capabilities is as fundamental as it can be challenging. These take time, a lot of effort and expertise. Do not lose competitive advantage on this process. A step-by-step approach can help you, something we call Blueprint for digital transformation success. See the step-by-step here.
November 17, 2020

South African Mining and The Adoption of Emerging Technologies

Safety and cost reduction are mining companies biggest priorities. As they go hand in hand and here is where it lies the need for a different approach to increase efficiency. Modernisation of the mining industry supports companies for both achievements with more efficiency. Do not miss the tips for better ROI!

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