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Benefits of a Business Management System


As a business owner, you must have come across less or more severe problems concerning your company’s management at least a few times during the company’s lifetime. It is understandable and very common among business owners regardless of their experience in this position or in the construction industry overall. Even though some issues along the journey are inevitable, you can considerably reduce the risks associated with managing a company by investing in a business management system.

Does it sometimes feel like everything depends on you and you only? Projects’ approvals, contracts review, work progress supervision, equipment delivery, meeting deadlines… the list goes on and on. No wonder it might get a bit overwhelming after a while even for the most experienced business owners.

Remember, there is always a solution that can spare you those sleepless nights, nerves and, by the way, thousands of pounds. Wondering what that might be? In order to find out, carry on reading and take notes!

What is a Business Management System (BMS)?

So, the obvious answer to all your problems is a business management system. Say what? A Business Management System (BMS) is a set of processes, practices, policies and procedures used in developing strategies, their execution and all associated management activity.

It helps you take a step back and look at each and every one of your processes from a certain perspective. It also creates a very efficient and effective organisation within your business by analysing its current state and identifying areas for improvement. If you want to learn more about the benefits of investing in a business management system, we cover it later on in this article - so don’t go anywhere!

How does a Business Management System Work?

A high-quality business management system lets a company access all the information needed to know where the business is at. With only a few clicks you are able to navigate from one screen to another (changing from accounting to reporting) while integrating these processes at the same time.

The Business Management System consists of the three major functional groups:

  • 01

    Business Management Strategies - identification and planning of the business management direction (the company’s policies, priorities and preferences) in order to achieve specific strategic goals and objectives. Specifying the strategies and identifying a plan of actions helps establish and influence business management decisions.

  • 02

    Business Management Tactics - the tactical approaches and techniques connected to the implementation of the business plans and strategies. They should be presented and put in practice during the decision-making process.

  • 03

    Business Management Implementation - includes guidelines (instructions, practical directions) and processes (operations and procedures) for developing business plans, managing tactical solutions and achieving daily tasks. It is dedicated to point the staff towards execution of the business solutions and recognition of implementation plans according to the business management tactics.

The Benefits of the BMS

The time has come to focus on the core of this article, namely the advantages of investing in a business management system. However, before we reveal all the benefits connected to a business management system, we want to warn you that you may not notice all the outcomes straight away! A good change is the one that happens gradually - your business and employees also need some time to adjust to the newly implemented system. Don’t rush things, give it some time and you’ll be surprised at the results!

The most significant benefits include:

  • Enhanced management - well-organised and systematised business processes.

  • Increased employee engagement - each member of staff is actively involved in the decision-making processes thanks to an excellent information flow.

  • Collaboration - cross-functional teams working along to achieve specific company goals.

  • Simplicity - things are operating smoothly, easily and efficiently; the system is user-friendly, which makes navigating between different screens seamless and effortless for anyone with access rights.

  • Accessibility - allows you to access the parts of the system that you need regardless of time or place and, at the same time, prevents those with no access rights from entering; it simply matches access to responsibilities and ensures that the information stays secure.

  • Avoiding errors - with business management software, you only introduce the information once and the system will take care of the rest; this automation leaves no room for any error whatsoever.

  • Costs - an all-in-one business management solution will save you money that you would otherwise have to pay for each individual piece of software providing various services.

Business Management System vs Project Management System

A similar but different notion is a project management system. Unlike a business management system, which focuses on repetitive and ongoing processes that follow a rather predictable pattern, a Project Management System (PMS) focuses on handling one-time or unpredictable flows. Non-repeatable construction projects are made up of a set of activities called tasks, which should be managed separately by means of a task management system.

A Project Management System incorporates the tools used to manage, organise and plan complex projects. It helps project managers and teams organise work and complete tasks while bearing in mind time & budget constraints. This is a solution for you if you want to solely focus on individual projects that won’t be repeated. For example, monday.com is a very powerful and reliable project management software, so you might give it a try!

However, if you are looking for a solution that will streamline the repetitive processes within your company, develop business plans and strategies, and, basically, do the lion’s share of the work, opt for a business management platform such as Archdesk. This cloud-based software can do wonders for your business and will definitely take some weight off your shoulders!

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