14 May 2020 3 min read

Client Management at Archdesk


Client Management is crucial in growing your business. With the help of a cloud based management software you’re able to keep all information in a single repository, ready for all to use!

Client Management is very important in the construction industry - keeping your clients happy while acquiring new ones is key in developing your business. When choosing a cloud based management software for your business (and implicitly for your team) you need to have a look at its client management solution. If there is no such solution you have to be sure that the subcontractor management software that you choose will integrate with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that you currently use.

What Archdesk can do for your Client Profile Database:

Contact Search - easily search for your Business/Individual Contacts by their Reference Number, Name (first or last for Individual Contacts)

Contact Filtering - easily filter the contacts that are in the system: from A to Z / Z to A (alphabetical order)

New Contact Adding - easily create new contacts by inputting the data & adding your own custom inputs with the data you wish to store on your clients

Contact Export - easily export your Individual Contacts as CSV file (that will hold all the information already available in the system - address, phone number, emails)

Connect Contacts - easily connect/relate Business/Individual Contacts between each other and within the projects

Always room to grow - easily allow your business to grow along with your contacts. As a cloud based management software, the Client Management part needs to be able to grow alongside you. Archdesk provides you plenty of room/space to grow, as all information is stored in the cloud.

Cloud-based ERP solution, understands the need to have a CRM tool - to bring the customer lifecycle to its completion stage. The ability to track a customer from their first contact with your business to hopefully the multiple purchases that they will make is key in understanding the client and keeping a good track of your relationship with him. It will allow you to make the relationship more personalized and provide relevant customer experience. Client Management is key, that is why Archdesk focuses on that point with great intensity: before you start creating a Project, having the Contacts saved in the system comes first! Creating a Client Profile inside the system, with as much information as you can gather, is crucial.

The cloud based management software allows you to store both Business and Individual Contacts and relate the two together - so you might have the client from company ABC and you might have John Smith as the point of contact to the company: in the system, you can relate the two so you will have a bigger picture about the company and who is connected to it. The subcontractor management software allows you to enter diverse information about your contacts but also create custom inputs. Archdesk is flexible and allows great malleability by permitting you to create data inputs for your Client Profile.

All information stored inside the subcontractor management software is inter-clickable - all information is interlinked, so you will have a bigger picture and understand better all the internal relations. When you create a project (even when you just receive an inquiry), you will be able to connect to this new project the people that you have been in contact with (Individual Contacts) and the businesses as well (Business Contacts). If you have more than one project running for the same client, the system will show you this information when clicking on the Business Contact. There you will see all the projects that you have ever done (past-present-future) and you will be able to monitor the discounts that are specific to that client. The system will also show you all financial data connected to the client - sales invoices, purchase invoices, purchase order. Keeping track of your Clients will be as easy as pie!

The main value when it comes to Client Management - resides in the fact that it allows you to keep the information on your client in one easily accessible place. Your Sales and Marketing Team will be able to manage your potential clients by adding as many custom fields as they need - with the requirements that your business has. They will be able to have all the information that they require just a few clicks away. Archdesk makes things easier for them because we all know… time is money and you need as much information in as little time as possible!

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