16 April 2020 3 min read

How a cloud-based ERP helps you manage your customer’s bookings hassle-free?


A cloud-based ERP can help you manage all your company’s booking procedures effortlessly. New employees will be able to make bookings with a limited amount of training!

Time is the one factor that no business can ever have enough of, yet we lose so much time on things that can be avoided – cumbersome interfaces, poor management, a general mess in the documentation, and the list goes on. While it may seem like these are unavoidable, as we’ve all had to deal with them at one point or another, this is not only untrue but can actively hurt the development of any business. That’s why maximizing your time is one of the most crucial aspects of improving your company’s efficiency, and the one always reliable way of optimizing time is in managing bookings.

Choosing the Best Construction Management Software

Whether you’re looking for a specific tool (inside the management software for general contractors) or a broader solution like a cloud-based ERP managing all aspects of your company - you will see how the efficiency of your business increases in a myriad of ways. Clients have their own schedules, needs, expectations, etc., that don’t always line up with the schedules of your company. Under normal circumstances, it can be hard to predict when to book an appropriate date for your customers. The knowledge of when you will have a specific employee ready for action at a specific point in time normally isn’t readily available. So how can you make sure you maximize the benefits of your booking solutions? That’s where a cloud-based ERP system comes in, as the right-fit solution for your company!

Cloud-based ERP systems can help you effortlessly manage all of your company’s booking procedures.

General Contractor Management Software can help optimize the time your workers have for a job by giving you full control over your employee’s availability at any moment. This way, you can truly optimize the time your employees spend on a particular assignment. Cloud-based ERP solutions are also the perfect way to keep the client happy, as professional booking software can help you perfectly manage your client’s time as well, making them feel like their time is really respected by you. General Contractor Management Software will also help you manage your assets effectively, not just your employees. Whether it’s a car or any other item, you can easily set up booking times for greater ease of use and clarity. Never lose track and always be at the ready with expert booking solutions.

ERP systems have a scheduling module that allows you to set up your own bookings while also seeing others made in the company.

You can create meetings, set up time off/holidays ( regular holidays, paternity leave, maternity leave or sick leave - for yourself and for the team). You can also add Project Tasks to your team and connect assets to the task as well - for example, you can add a task for John Smith to deliver some materials on Plot A. In this case, you will be able to search for assets and add an appropriate vehicle for the task’s needs from your own fleet of machines. You can even add the budget and put up notes for him to see. This also helps in overbooking, as the cloud-based ERP solution will notify you if - during the time frame you have selected - the vehicle is already booked.

The Construction Management Software will allow you to track timesheets and perform timesheet management for your team.

You will be able to pull up reports for a single person vs. the entire team. They will be able to clock in/out and you can track, edit, and make sure it all goes to accounting for the payroll, all in one location. No more paperwork hassle!

The Best Construction Management Software UK was created with this in mind: Time-Sheet Management is key to your project and in your company. You need to know how your resources are used - when and if they are overbooked - in order to make the most of your team. Working them too hard does not payout in the long run. Having all the information in one place is vitally important - here is where the cloud-based ERP solution of your choosing comes to the rescue. Make your bookings as hassle-free as possible, maximize your profits, and make your client’s experience with your company much more pleasant! Managing bookings will be as easy as pie!

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