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How does Archdesk support remote work?


Archdesk is a forward-thinking ERP system that believes that no matter where you are located, one can do their job properly if they have the right tools to succeed

We live in the age of tech and the digitalization of the construction industry is key if the industry wants to survive. Cloud-based ERP systems offered by the software market can help your company battle against Coronavirus by allowing your team to remote work. All you need to do is have a phone/tablet/laptop/desktop be it Android or Apple Tech, with a good internet connection (and plenty of battery or a charger nearby). Having a cloud-based ERP system, like Archdesk, allows you to work at any time from any place (even if you are stranded on a remote island, as far as you have internet connectivity we have you covered!).

We believe in the possibility of remote work. We believe that being able to work from home you can set and customize your work hours to meet the needs of your life. Working in the construction industry does not mean you have to be stuck onsite - you can give the freedom to your employees to do their daily tasks and yet still be able to track them, every single step of the way. Remote work is possible even inside the Construction Industry! Here is how Archdesk can come as a solution in supporting remote work for your team:


Programme of Works - Archdesk allows you, as a cloud-based ERP system, to keep track of your projects, no matter where you are located. You need not be on-site to know who is there and what tasks are being performed. The solution we provide allows you to plan in advance and set up a Program of Works that will hold each and every task for your employees (be it apprentices, permanent, subcontractors, and contractors). Planning ahead will allow you to visualize the costs and figure out the time frame of your project even before it takes flight! Archdesk allows you to choose between setting the Schedule of Works in a Gantt Chart form or you can see it as a table. You can create the Schedule from scratch or import it via the Excel template. Archdesk allows you to upload the data also from Microsoft Project if your team uses it.


Scheduling - the management software for General Contractors helps you visualize the tasks you have set up in front of you. It allows you to see the big picture, by going to the Calendar and viewing the tasks (on multiple projects that you might have running at the same time) simultaneously. The Scheduling module will allow you to avoid double-booking - the system, when assigning a task to a person that is already booked for the time frame you wish to book them, will notify you of that. You will no longer have asset mismanagement as you will always have a crystal-clear big picture of what your team is doing and how your Project is fairing. Keeping your project running and making money for you is key, and we understand that!


Clock-in/out (done on-site) - A lot of construction companies are still afraid of going digital, or renouncing the paper forms that are so beloved. In our experience, almost all the construction companies have accounted for their employees the clock-in/out hours via an excel file that was reconciled at the end of the month. This simply cannot be the future. Things can be done much easier and faster with the help of digital solutions, of cloud-based ERP systems like Archdesk. Take for example our offer: the Project Manager (PM) goes online and generates a unique 5-digit pin for each employee. He gives the link and the unique PIN to each employee and they, on their own or company-owned devices (be it phone, tablet, laptop - Android or Apple Tech), clocks in at the beginning of their day/task and clocks out at the end. Once the clock-out is done, the data (hours and expenses) will be attached in Archdesk to that employee. When the PM will approve the data, the info will get transferred as an expense to the Financial Dashboard of the Project the task was under - as Labour Expense (category). As a bonus, Archdesk allows, if the GPS is turned on while clocking in/out, to find the location of the person clocking in - so you can find out if they really were on-site at the time.


RFIs - Connecting to the point above, RFIs are massively in a paper form nowadays. Some may be stored randomly on emails but it is generally hard to track them down and know any updates on them. The management software for general contractors that we have created comes to the rescue, in this case, introducing the RFIs as a digitized version that is easy to track for all the team.


Document Management - Archdesk also helps you stay organized and keep all things in place - create a standard way of proceeding with the project you have. No matter what document you might have, Archdesk is able to store it for you, so you might (later) download it and use it. We currently support the opening of images (.jpeg, .png), Word, Excel documents and .pdf files. You can create folders, store files and share them to chosen departments or even externally (via uniquely generated links).


Budget Control - We know how important it is to stay on budget and make a profit, especially in times like these, so we created the Financial Dashboard - available for each Project, that allows you to see the Financial Health of your project at a glance! It allows you to track all expenses live and never miss a thing. The system shows even a breakdown of expenses per category, allowing you to see where you have over-spent the budget you have predicted. We believe that knowledge is power, and allowing you to know all the financial data at a glance is key in making the right decisions for the project - and implicitly for the company and your team!


Tendering - Archdesk, as a management software for general contractors, lets you speed-up, streamline, and automate a typically lengthy tendering process, to make the right choice in a fraction of the time. This is one of the newest modules that Archdesk has to offer, especially for General Contractors. Breathe easily while doing the Tender Process: predefine the tender rules, choose the suppliers you wish to take part in the process, send them the needed info, gather the info and let the system calculate the winner - of course, if you wish, you can also pick the winner by yourself. All is done online, no paperwork needed, through our cloud-based ERP system - Archdesk.


To-Dos - Organising, distributing and chasing people to do their assigned tasks may be a daunting task, but with Archdesk it will be as easy as pie! Archdesk allows better prioritization of tasks, by adding the urgency and importance to each task and setting clear deadlines. Through the To-Do tab you will be able to visualize all tasks of your team and filter them out according to diverse criteria. Thanks to the SMS notifications that our system can send, your team can also be notified on their phones of the tasks assigned to their name. The system also allows you to delegate tasks - Archdesk allows you to pick and choose, from your list of employees, to whom you wish to assign the task.

Archdesk is a forward-thinking ERP system that believes that no matter where you are located, one can do their job properly if they have the right tools to succeed. We know that certain jobs in the construction industry must be present on-site but in order to minimize the risk, one must look towards the future and think of digitizing the processes that can be digitized. Archdesk, as a cloud-based ERP system has helped many clients in the construction industry keep up with their projects during these hard times. We believe that all good things come to those who wait and have patience and we have faith that things will be restored to their normal pace; but in the meantime, we are here for you, so you may safely work from home and be sure that your Projects run according to your plans.

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