Debunking Digital Transformation Myths


In the 21st century, digital transformation still evokes bad connotations for many. This is why we must encourage an open and honest discussion on both its advantages as well as challenges in order to expose the false ideas and beliefs that people very often happen to have about digitisation.

We are all well aware how technology has positively impacted our life in the last couple of years. Take remote working for instance: if it hadn’t been for technology, we, as a society, wouldn’t have been able to earn a living throughout the pandemic. If it hadn’t been for digital novelties and the internet, it would not have been possible to communicate with our loved ones during tough times.

Of course, just like it happens with everything else, digital technology also has its downsides. When you depend on it too much, you might find it problematic to continue working if, for some unexpected reason, the system breaks down.

Today, however, we would like to focus on the fallacies that have for a long time now been surrounding digital transformation. We are going to debunk all those myths that you heard about by providing you evidence against it.

Digital Transformation Myths

I. Digital Transformation Is All about Technology

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions that we have about digital transformation. Under no circumstances are we saying that digital transformation does not involve digital products and services necessary to digitally change a business. But it is time you realised that it is PEOPLE who are the keypoint here. Why? This transformation is always executed, implemented and followed by people. Their experience is vital and their feedback will be crucial during digital transformation because after all, it is them who are going to use the new system.

Read our article on Digital Transformation Is Not about Technology: It Is about People to find out more.

II. Digital Transformation Brings Instant Success

Any change takes time: you cannot expect that as soon as your company invests in something, the results will be already visible on the following day. The implementation process is complex and time-consuming and can even take up to several months or a year. It is a journey that requires not only patience, but also a positive mindset and ability to adapt.

Want to know how the implementation process works at Archdesk? Read here and ask no more!

III. Digital Transformation Triumphs Only in Highly Developed Areas

There seems to be a consensus that digital innovation does not happen in less developed countries, which is not entirely true. Of course, the scale of it is much smaller in certain places compared to others, but this should not imply that innovative solutions are not to be found there.

IV. Employees’ Resistance to Change Stems from Their Ignorance and Comfort

This point only partly illustrates the reality: it is true that the workforce, in particular the most experienced one, is reluctant towards any modifications. However, it is a complete fallacy that this attitude comes from deep rooted arrogance or ignorance - your employees are simply afraid of changes and it is only human to feel this way.

Discover how to deal with digital transformation anxiety among your employees in our article Fear of Digital Transformation: Why Do We Feel It, and How to Overcome It?

V. Experimentation Is Risky and Expensive

True experimentation is usually cost-effective and productive. It involves constant work on implementing new technologies in order to increase chances of a successful transformation. As we are currently living in a post-pandemic era, it is important to acknowledge that technology is omnipresent and whether you like it or not, your processes should be adaptable and agile.

These are only a few stereotypes that people often think of as soon as they hear the term digital transformation. Our advice? Don’t be one of them - don’t be fooled by any of the myths that you notoriously come across in this industry.

Digital transformation is a tool that will bring your company a plethora of possibilities to grow. Some of its benefits include: smooth cooperation between different departments, organised workflow, data protection and full control over the projects.

Embarking on the journey of digital transformation is not an easy one, yet it is necessary. If you want your business to have any future among your competitors, digital transformation is a way forward. Nevertheless, before committing to such a milestone, you need to make sure that your company is 100% ready for digital transformation! How? Contact us to schedule a call with one of our specialists who will answer all your questions concerning digital transformation of your business.

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