Digital Project Management Solutions for Roofing and Cladding


Managing projects manually is a huge challenge for any roofing company. Not only is it time-consuming when it comes to project execution, but it is also extremely inefficient and error-prone. The perfect solution that won’t give you headaches is a digital project management for your company!

Roofing is one of the fastest growing industries in construction. There is a huge demand for roofers to deliver work but not enough skilled operatives to provide value. At the same time, the roofing industry has to keep up with a rapidly-changing world if it wants to stay in the game. Much of the roofing and construction industry has not kept up with the digital world in which it builds. And, when it comes to being “future-ready,” the industry admits it largely isn’t.


There are simply not enough roofers to deliver the amount of demand we are seeing. One in every two roofing contractors are currently struggling to find skilled operatives. This is exacerbating the other challenges roofing contractors are also facing, such as finding materials and managing their cashflow..
- James Talman CEO of the NFRC


State of the Roofing and Cladding Industry in 2021

Considering the fact that the UK experienced three national lockdowns and is currently on a very slow roadmap to freedom, the state of the roofing and cladding industry isn’t doing too bad – we have seen worse. However, the challenges it faces are still present and unless we take action, there won’t be much to save.

Among the most common challenges of the industry are:

  • Pricing – overestimating or underestimating your company when bidding a roofing job

  • Quality – poor roof installations

  • Late payments – deadlines often neglected

  • Managing the roof and cladding construction process

  • Increased government requirements and regulations

In order to answer the needs of the industry and find a remedy to the problems above, you must introduce digitisation to your processes and adopt technology-based solutions.

The Digital Roofer of Today and Tomorrow

In today’s reality, up to 46% of roofing businesses haven’t started to adopt digital technology or still remain in the early stages of its adoption. It gives nearly one in two roofing companies with no or hardly any digital processes.

According to a recent analysis of the industry’s adoption of digital technology, there is widespread agreement that digital transformation must happen. Nearly 90% of construction companies believe digitisation will transform the industry and a whopping 70% believe those who don’t move to digital technologies will go out of business. Hence, the necessity of adopting it as soon as possible.

Builders themselves believe in the power of digitisation - up to 77% believe that it will improve productivity and streamline operations. The benefits of adopting technology-based solutions are unlimited and include among others:

  • Disruption of inefficient, manual processes

  • Expansion of time and productivity through improved efficiency

  • Operability from a smartphone or other electronic device - tools critical for powering business growth

  • Ability to meet and set the pace and expectations of the digital world - accordingly to customers’ increasing needs

  • Hyper-connected and collaborative roofing and cladding company

  • Connected data

  • Paperless environment

  • BIM

However, merely every second roofing and other construction companies have so far embraced digital tools and introduced digitisation to their processes. Why is it so?

Why do these companies seem so reluctant to adopt these second-to-none solutions?
The most common reason for this decision is time and budget constraints that roofers, builders and other contractors say limit their ability to explore, learn and adopt new technology solutions. Other staff or subcontractors may be reluctant to use new tools, as discomfort with — and distrust of — unfamiliar technologies or new ways of doing business can often paralyse advances into digital solutions. We are most likely to choose what we are familiar with and know best rather than take that risk and regret it later.

Transform your Roofing Business

At Archdesk, we know the potential of roofing and cladding companies, hence our emphasis on digitisation and introduction of digital technologies within each company. Nothing can help you as much as digital project management solutions and we, at Archdesk, have prepared something special for you!

Our Golden Thread solution will not only help you automate your processes thanks to digital transformation, but it will also streamline communication between your business and your projects. With us, managing projects becomes easier and quicker, documents are controlled, budgeting is on point and tasks are updated on a rolling basis. We have everything your business requires under one roof as our Industry Specific Project Processes provide you with:

  • Process mapping

  • Scheduling tools

  • Onsite Management

There will be no place for delays, errors or loss of information. Instead, you will enjoy a clear visible budget, advanced data analysis and reporting, as well as real time site to office information. To find out more about our cloud-based ERP software solution, contact our specialists!

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