03 August 2021 4 min read

Digitalising HVAC Company: Plug the Leaks in Your Processes


Do you own an HVAC company and wish to support its processes but have absolutely no clue where or how to start? Good thing, you found us at last! We will guide you step by step through the key elements that your business needs immediately in order to thrive.

If you follow us on social media or keep up-to-date with our blog articles, you must have noticed that recently it’s all about the HVAC sector. We started off by introducing the Upcoming Trends in the HVAC industry then there were Challenges and Solutions and finally, the industry's state after the pandemic. Why such emphasis on this sector, you wonder? Well, the demand for HVAC appliances is seasonal and at its peak now!

We believe in the potential of the HVAC industry and, at the same time, realise that quality is the key to success. This is why in this article, we decided to focus on suggestions and tips on how to fix the existing processes in your HVAC company. We are here to help your business thrive and reach the sky with our innovative solutions. So, if you cannot wait to discover how to improve the operations within your company, keep reading!

A Quick HVAC History Lesson

From the Neolithic Age, ancient civilisations were looking for various solutions to manage both the heat and the coldness. Did you know that in Ancient China, a fan was an indispensable accessory to bear with the hot weather conditions, while in Ancient Egypt, the evaporative cooling method was being used? The Ancient Egyptians used to hang soaked mats on the doorways and windows, which let the sun evaporate the water and consequently, cool the house down. The same goes with managing the cold weather. Believe it or not, underfloor heating was already invented and used in Ancient Rome and stoking up the fire with the bellows was a common practice in Ancient Egypt.

The HVAC Industry in 2021

The figures for the HVAC industry look promising. The UK HVAC market value equals 16.6 billion pounds and is said to reach £18.9 by 2024. This means that from 2021 to 2028, the expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 5.9%, which is basically a lot.

At the same time, when we take a closer look at the specific industries within HVAC, the most popular one is without a doubt the residential industry (40%), followed by the industrial (32%) and commercial industries (28%). When it comes to equipment, the one that is the most coveted and therefore, constitutes the vast majority is a heating appliance (63%), followed by ventilation (23%) and cooling appliances (14%).

Common Problems HVAC Industry Faces

As we mentioned in our previous article, the main challenges faced by HVAC in 2021 are:

  • 01

    Delayed payment
    Did you know that only one in ten construction businesses gets fully paid? It turns out that up to 70% of HVAC companies get paid late!

  • 02

    Poor Communication
    This problem touches every company. Roughly 86% of employees put major project errors down to poor communication between departments. It unsurprisingly leads to only 37% of projects being completed and delivered on time.

  • 03

    Managing Complex Teams
    It appears that 68% of trades cited poor schedule management having a negative impact on labour productivity while 91% of companies are worried about the risk of supply chain failure.

Digitalising HVAC Company with Archdesk

A large part of a successful functioning of HVAC Companies lies in their installation. Communication, information and error prevention are the key points when ensuring the delivery stage is done on time and within budget. Miscommunication and information errors result in overspend and delays, which hurt the profitability of the project. Archdesk helps to ensure that this process is controlled and managed effectively, whilst dramatically reducing risks and errors.

At Archdesk, we believe that digitalisation is a way to go forward. This is why investing in digital project management solutions should be put at the top of your priority list. Not only will they streamline all your processes, but they will also speed up communication at different levels and within various departments of your organisation.

Our cloud-based innovative software offers you the support and assistance during the following processes:

  • Design Meeting

  • Design and Blueprint Revue

  • Purchase and Delivery of Materials

  • On Site Layout of all Parts and Materials

  • Installation Process

  • Snagging and Final Inspection Sign-off

If you are still not convinced or simply want to learn more, click here to watch our Webinar recording, where our specialist explains in detail how you can plug the leaks in your processes with Archdesk!

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