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ERP for Fire Prevention Industry

3 Things Archdesk Can Do for You


Are you looking for a solution that will support your daily work and streamline processes inside your company? Managing projects, taking care of finances and controlling operations - learn about these three aspects our ERP can help you with!

Let's face the truth, in today's reality, it is not easy for any company to survive in a highly competitive market and be profitable, especially after one year of lockdown, paused investments, and the lack of clear predictions for the future. To do that, companies need to work smart and take advantage of modern technology. One of the beneficial solutions for the Fire Prevention sector is ERP software that can help you control all your processes, schedules, finances and employees once and for all.

Challenges of Fire Prevention Industry

According to expectations, the fire prevention market is expected to grow by 14% by 2024. However, it does not mean that companies in the market do not face any difficulties. Of course, each company has its own pain points, but let’s focus on the main challenges that are the reality of every business in the whole sector.

Main challenges of fire prevention industry:

  • 01

    Assuring profitability and proper execution of each project
    Schedules, deadlines, risks, assigned employees - you have to remember about it all during the project execution. Without proper tools, it may become impossible for any company to manage processes without any errors or delays. At the same time, any such problem can impact your business image and discourage possible future customers.

  • 02

    Ensuring smooth and constant communication with engineers working on specific projects
    For sure, you execute more than one project at the same time. Have you ever experienced any communication problems between the employees in your office with the ones on-site? Bad communication is a common reason for a project to fail as, without smooth communication, quick response to any changes in the project is impossible.

  • 03

    Controlling the cost and overall financial situation of the company
    Last but not least, there is a budget, the pain point of every construction company. After all, aren't profits the central aspect of any business? Yet, many companies do not control their budget up-to-date, but instead calculate all the costs at the very end, being often negatively surprised by the final financial result of their projects.

Golden Thread for Your Business

In a world of fast changes, digitalisation and an unstable environment, it is crucial to quickly and efficiently manage information in your company. Without proper data flow, your business is at risk of project management and operational problems, resulting in financial loss and affecting your company heavily. Such smooth data exchange in the company that connects business management and project management is called a “Golden Thread”.

The Golden Thread in Archdesk means that software gathers all information in one place, showing an up-to-date situation in your company. All processes and data can be managed from one platform, with no need to use many different applications and switch back and forth between them, risking data loss.

How Can Archdesk Support Your Company?

At Archdesk, we take the time to look at the big picture when it comes to problems, giving you tools that will support your processes from A to Z. In this article, we describe only few of our tools, so if you want to read more about how we can support you, check out our solutions page!

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    Project Management

    • Scheduling

    Clear visibility of all tasks in the project and of all projects inside your company Every project needs a schedule. To create it in Archdesk, you can use Gantt Chart. Each plan can be customised as you can assign to it employees, budget and all required assets (machines, vehicles, etc.). This view also allows you to set dependency between tasks, thanks to which all you need is one click to update the situation on the project in case of any delays.
    Read more about Scheduling
    • Document Management

    All needed documentation stored in one place, accessible anytime Any kind of project is connected with documents like contacts, project plans, photos of the installation. The bigger a company is, the harder it is to find one specific paper. It may turn out to be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Document management in Archdesk allows you to have different repositories: for the whole company, each project, each employee, or each individual contact, keeping your documentation categorised and easy to find.
    Read more about Document Management

  • 02


    • Financial Dashboards

    Have a clear view of your current financial situation In Archdesk, you can see your company's situation on financial dashboards. The information shown there is up-to-date, illustrated in easy-to-understand charts and tables. There is no more need for you to dig into more details or calculate everything on your own. Whenever a new quote or purchase order is added to the system, the dashboard will be updated automatically.
    Read more about Budgeting
    • Quotation & Estimation

    Estimate your costs and assure profitability of your projects With our ERP, you can generate new sales quotes with included images, notes and terms and conditions. Then there is no need for any additional actions, you can just send quotes directly from the software. Also, our user-friendly statistics will help you calculate the quote-to-close ratio or average-quotation value and adjust your quotation process accordingly.
    Check out the Quotation & Estimation solution

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    • Custom Forms

    Obtain and share data faster and easier without any threat of data loss Smooth internal and external communication is a key to a successful project. This is why in Archdesk, you can create customised forms that are registered and stored inside the system without any data loss. Our forms minimise the risk of communication errors as you can set automated actions triggered by the form completion and notify employees assigned to this task.
    Check out the Custom Forms solution
    • Reporting

    Take control over your projects with all needed information in one place Whenever you log into the system, you can see dashboards with all crucial information for your company. However, we understand that sometimes not all statistics are essential, and having them visible all the time only creates some information mess. This is why you can customise and configure your dashboards, so that you see only the data you need. Next, you can manually or automatically change all this information into a report, which you can download and view whenever required.
    Check out the Reporting solution

The Benefits of Managing Your Projects in Archdesk ERP

Imagine having one platform with all processes, dashboards and data. Let's just list the main improvements for your company!

  • Threat of project's delay reduced to a bare minimum

  • Lack of errors or decisions made based on incomplete or not updated data

  • Eliminated overspending as you can see your budget up-to-date with all costs shown in easy-to-comprehend charts

  • Smooth communication with employees working on construction sites, securing proper project execution

  • Saved time (thanks to automatisation) for the next project or investment

  • All essential documents (invoices, purchase orders, lists, contracts) in one place, accessible at anytime

  • All data protected thanks to our cloud-based solution and restricted access rights

How About Your Company?

  1. Do you manage to execute your projects without any delays?

  2. Do you feel like you have control over your budget and costs?

  3. Do you have constant contact with all your employees working on different projects?

  4. Is information flow inside your company smooth and do you feel that you can make decisions fast based on complete and updated data?

If not, let us support you! Schedule a demo presentation with our consultant that will answer all your questions and tell you more about how we can customise our solutions to the processes inside your company.

Schedule a demo

We understand your challenges! Whether it is managing projects, taking care of financials or operating inside a company, we are here to support you. Let’s take a step towards digitalisation together!

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