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Do you want your company to grow? How about keeping track of all your projects and keeping your team connected at all times - does this sound unrealistic and impossible to achieve within your company? Better brace yourself for a huge change because everything is possible with a proper digital transformation!

One cannot stress enough how important it is to introduce digitisation to your business. No self-respective entrepreneur could run their business without the thought of introducing some digitised processes sooner or later to ensure the prosperity and growth of the company.

The Pandemic Effect on The Fit-Out Market

The global pandemic was a very good wake-up call for all of us, forcing everyone to stay connected while working from home. Up to 93% of organisations experienced an increase in temporary remote working and collaboration, and further 54% are expecting the changes to stay post-Covid.

This wouldn’t have been an option if it wasn’t for technology, which saved many of us from losing our jobs by allowing us to continue working from our very own “home office”. Children continued, though not ideal, their online education, which helped them finish the school year without the need to retake any courses. We all stayed in touch with our family and friends despite the social distance rules. The truth of the matter is that Covid19 accelerated Digital Transformation by three to four years!

As a result of the pandemic, key sectors are redesigning their industries by changing the way they communicate with staff and customers. These changes include:

  • Offices - Increased coworking connected environments

  • Retail - Digital inspired in-store customer experiences

  • Leisure - Increased spacial awareness for social distancing

The fit-out industry is ready to adapt to the way they not only communicate internally but also adapt the way they design spaces. The move from traditional office to more coworking oriented environments allows technology to be further influenced in the design from the outset.

It’s not just offices that have undergone some drastic changes. Retail experiences a similar trend. Walking into a high street store is no longer simply a question of buying goods anymore - it’s an experience! Industry provides customers with some in-store outstanding experiences, such as a vivid interaction with their customers, which will consequently influence a purchase.

However, none of this can change without the fit-out industry adapting its internal processes first. This is why you should include a digital transformation as soon as possible. It is now or never!

The Digital Transformation In The Construction Industry

It is the 21st century and, believe it or not, the construction industry, despite being one of the most influential industries in the world, turns out to be the least digitised one. Up to 40% of companies admitted that they were behind their peers in their use of technology. Why? In most cases, it is caused by the lack of resources.

Without adopting digitalisation within the industry, we are facing:

  • Inconsistent information flow from clients to teams

  • Inaccurate data caused by a poor work programme, resulting in delays in handover

  • Allocation of teams and contractors on incorrect projects

  • Project profitability tracking from start to compilation can result in bigger losses

  • Siloed mapping process or no mapping processes at all can cause delays in the entire project timeline

  • Incorrect and outdated information on-site

Why Is Digital Transformation Important?

Before we start answering this question, let’s do a quick revision. It is important not to confuse the two following terms: digitisation and digitalisation. Digitisation is a process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one, while digitalisation is a process of leveraging digitisation to improve business processes.

Now, digital transformation is a priority for 72% of construction firms globally! Wonder why? Here’s a list of the main advantages of implementing a digital transformation in your company:

  • 01

    Time and Budget Savings
    Connected digitalisation allows you to save time and budget better.

  • 02

    Complete tracking of Financials across projects
    It provides a complete track of finances with real time data and collaboration across your workforce.

  • 03

    Connected communication and collaboration with all teams
    It helps you grow collaboration across your workforce.

  • 04

    Real time data increasing business efficiency
    Moving to a connected environment helps improve efficiencies right across your organisation.

  • 05

    Complete asset tracking in one connected environment
    It allows you to keep track of all your assets.

  • 06

    A golden thread standardised approach
    The creation of a golden thread of information in a single source of truth allows your company to improve efficiency.

Life goes on and with it our everyday struggles and challenges. As we all learnt during last year, it is possible to minimise or even overcome these issues provided that we open ourselves to a digital transformation. Remember anything is possible when you’ve got the right tools!

At Archdesk, we believe that technology can improve the whole construction sector. While developing methodologies to improve the construction industry, we bring control, collaboration and consistent live data to help you keep your projects on track, teams connected and business operations profitable. Archdesk as a highly flexible platform offers you control and flexibility you need to manage your business better.

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