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Horrifying Mistakes You Make in Your Projects Daily


Have you ever had the feeling that the same mistakes and errors keep happening inside your projects on a daily basis? Even though you are so familiar with them that you could probably name them all by heart, little do you know how to take care of them once and for all.

As a project manager, you are in charge of pretty much everything. From before the project starts, throughout its execution, up until project delivery. Not only do you have to be involved in all of the project stages, but you also need to keep your eyes wide open, in case something unprecedented comes up.

This role requires huge responsibility and commitment. Working day and night can be exhausting and naturally lead to oversight and omission, which in turn can result in various mistakes. We got you! There are however mistakes that are becoming a pattern in your day-to-day work. What are they? Let’s find out!

Your Most Common Mistakes in Project Management

  • 01

    No Control over Your Budget
    Now, this one is typical for most construction companies. We agree that some things are simply out of your reach and there is really nothing you can do about it. A good example would be, rising material costs or unfavourable weather conditions - both can impact your predicted budget heavily but sadly, are far beyond your control.

    We are all well aware that budgets have a tendency to dry up along the way. And, because there is no limit on them, they tend to slip away very rapidly, which leads to overspending. So, do not repeat the mistake of counting the profitability of the project at the end of it. It will save you a lot of nerves, time and, most of all, money!

  • 02

    No Smooth Communication
    The key to exposing most of the issues mentioned here is a streamlined information flow in your company. Sounds trivial? Yet, it is crucial for not only the well-being of your business, but also for the sake of transparency of your projects.

    Therefore, if there are any changes in your project, you should communicate them to the rest of the team. The sooner you do it, the more time it gives them to make any necessary adjustments.

  • 03

    Not Learning from Previous Project Failures
    Each error should be a lesson for you and your company. Mistakes happen and will be happening inside your projects on construction sites - however, the way we approach them afterwards, is another story. Remember that making the same mistakes over and over again can be very costly for your business.

    So, the question is how to turn your mistake into a valuable lesson instead of a routine? Make sure you understand why it happened in the first place and how to correct it so that it doesn’t repeat in the future.

  • 04

    Using Outdated Processes
    This is yet another common mistake that unfortunately, happens on a daily basis. Construction companies tend to use certain outdated processes and manual systems instead of investing in an ERP software that will automatically streamline the processes.

  • 05

    Shoddy Workmanship
    When delivering a project, we can see the final result of our work, which very often is unsatisfactory but it is already too late to try and change it. Project delivery of poor quality is every project manager’s nightmare, which is why rather than waiting for the final product, you should start anticipating certain things throughout the project.

  • 06

    Wrong Plans
    Being organised and prepared for the most unprecedented events is what sets good project management from bad one. The more prepared your team is, the better results you will have. This is why having a plan B ready is crucial in maintaining the continuity of your project.

  • 07

    Unreliable Workforce
    We are aware that it is difficult to verify the loyalty of your employees the moment you are hiring them. The result? The more and more popular ghosting, also known as icing or simmering.

    Cutting off all contact has sadly become a common practice in the construction industry, which is why we are currently dealing with a high demand for experienced workers but a low supply of them.

The truth is mistakes happen and will be happening throughout the duration of a project. It is how we approach them afterwards that matters. In other words, instead of being discouraged by tiresome errors, try turning them into a valuable learning experience.

Of course, this does not mean that you shouldn’t work on eliminating them - quite the opposite! At Archdesk, we realise that failing is learning but, at the same time, we offer you tools that will help you reduce mistakes to a bare minimum. Because let’s be honest, preventing is way easier than fixing.

Our project management software consists of some unique solutions that will resolve many issues you’re facing, such as:

Wanna find out how they work in practice?

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