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How Archdesk Can Help You Keep the Schedule of Works


Keeping track of your Schedule of Works is key in making sure your project gets delivered in time. Project management construction software ensures you do not overspend on your budget and achieve the final product on time!

Inside the construction industry, the Schedule of Works refers to the contract / the bidding document that references the list of works to be done on a certain project. This Schedule includes the requirements and the specifications of what must be done, when and where and how much it will cost for the work to be performed. They differ from the traditional Bill of Quantities (also known as the Quote) by the fact that they are noted down as items - and not as quantity. The Schedule of Works lists the work required in order to get the project done in the agreed terms - cost & time-wise. It makes sure that you do not overspend your budget and delivers the final product on time.

Archdesk’s Schedule of Works​ can help you plan your workload

Check out Schedule of Works with Archdesk now!

Archdesk, as a cloud based management software solution, which allows you to track the Schedule of Works inside the system - becoming a single repository, a single tool that will be used by your entire team. The construction project management software will help you plan your work and keep track of your workers’ daily schedule (through TimeSheet control). Archdesk allows you to view where your employees are located throughout the lifecycle of your project - but not only that, also how much they cost you for each task!

Archdesk lets you think ahead, as in grave time like now - with the Coronavirus pandemic, you need to think about the survival of your project ahead of time. The cloud-based ERP solution that Archdesk brings in, allows you to connect remotely (no matter your location, as long as you have a strong internet connection and a phone/tablet/laptop that is either Android or Apple Tech) and do your business as usual. It also allows you to think of the future in terms of scalability - inside a cloud solution there is always room to grow!

The cloud based management software allows you to:

Plan your daily tasks (for you and your team)

Keep track of your team’s schedules/tasks

Control your Project TimeSheet - who clocks in/out and where?

Track your assets (human resources, cash flow, and machinery) throughout the lifecycle of your project

Control the budget and labor costs

Archdesk will help you track your own and the company calendar - all in one place. As a Project Manager, you will be able to assign certain tasks to your employees - under the specific Project that they must work on. Archdesk is flexible and allows you to see the information under 2 different views: Programme (Gantt chart view) and Schedule (table view). We understand that visualizing the data is important so we wanted you to have more than one option to be comfortable with.

Who benefits from the Archdesk Schedule of Works?

Your team’s daily tasks will be made easier with the help of the construction project management software. Having a Schedule of Works in place will allow your team to have a broader view of the project and their daily tasks.

The Project Manager

They will be able to go inside Archdesk and visualize the Schedule of Works for their team on a specific project. They will be able to distribute tasks and add/remove tasks - all in one place, having all the information they need at their disposal. Knowing the project budget is one click away and the Project Manager will be able to check, per task, how much money is being spent - per task, allocated to a specific employee. By accepting the work entries (the clock-in/out done by the employees), the cost calculation is automatically done and added to the expenses of the project. The Project Manager will be immediately aware if the budget will be exceeded!


Archdesk, as a cloud based management software, allows your team to be set up as field users. Field users (contractors, subcontractors or your own employees) will be able to clock-in/out of their tasks (previously assigned to them by the Project Manager) - no matter where the site is located. All they need is stable internet access and a phone/tablet to connect from. They can record the time they have devoted to individual tasks and make notes on them.

HR Team

As a construction project management software, Archdesk allows clocking-in/out. Inside the system, the HR Team and the Project Manager will be able to see the location from where the employees have logged in. There, the HR Manager will be able to accept/change/reject the logged-in time from the employee. Once approved, the total cost will be added to the project under the correct task - as an expense (labor expense).


After the approval of the work entries, a report can be generated and a calculation of the employee’s remuneration would be possible. Archdesk has the option to pull such reports in bulk or per each employee that you want the details on. Reports are customizable and they can hold any information that is already in the system. Archdesk also acts as construction procurement software, allowing the Quote to be approved by the Client online - once you settle on the tasks that must be done by your team, you need to raise the Quote for the client and let them know how much the labor and materials will cost him. All this can be done online.

Archdesk is compatible with MS Project

If you are currently working on Microsoft Project and you love it, you need not worry about Archdesk ruining that relationship - Archdesk and MS Project work together hand in hand for you. Transferring data over to Archdesk, from Microsoft Project, is a piece of cake! The system will allow you to import/export data as a file that is compatible with MS Project.

Schedule of Works will help you plan your team!

Archdesk is a great construction procurement software and cloud based management software rolled into one! Archdesk focuses on how your company works, knowing that there is no solution as ”one size fits all”. That is why it focuses on the types of products/projects that you provide and the processes that you have in order to obtain them. We know that the Schedule of Works is crucial to making sure the project will run correctly. It is also crucial in developing the Quote for the Client. All information flows into one another.

Archdesk understands that you need to keep the Schedule of Works in proper order - this will save you time and money. You will need to make sure you don't overspend your budget and each task is done at the right time, at the right moment. Archdesk is here to help you out. Save effort and channel your strengths to where you need to spend time and effort the most!

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