25 June 2020 2 min read

How Archdesk Integrates Seamlessly with Xero


Integration with accounting software is essential for an ERP software managing your entire company. Learn how seamless integration with XERO works in Archdesk!

Having a great Accounting Software is key for running your business, and when it comes to accounting software, Quickbooks had the lead for years on end. That is… until now: Xero is a cloud-based app (based in New Zealand) that is giving Quickbooks a run for its money.

Xero is an innovative solution that allows the user to have a multitude of different reports, integrates with over 800 other apps, and let’s you add an unlimited number of users. No wonder it took the construction industry by storm. Many Archdesk clients use XERO as their primary accounting solution and this is why Archdesk decided to invest in creating a seamless integration with the system. But what does this really mean?

Secure data exchange

Central management platform for your company

Easy control over your accounting

Constant update and easy tracking of data

Once you will have access to both systems, you will need to engage in your first XERO to Archdesk activation. This way, we make sure that the Nominal Codes (Accounting Codes) match in both systems, and the chart of accounts should match. Through the connection between Archdesk’s and XERO’s accounting modules you will be able to seamlessly transfer your financial documents and your records, between the two with just a click of a button. Once the activation has been completed, Archdesk will start transferring the invoices automatically - that means you will not be required to import (download) or export (upload) any CSV from one system to the other.

But that’s not all. The integration allows matching the Invoices and Credit Notes that you raise in Archdesk to a specific contact in the system. Along with the Nominal Codes, the contacts are what the systems use to identify and categorize the information. Each contact in Archdesk has a reference number that will match it’s reference number in Xero. No contact? No problem! If you do not have your contact database in XERO, all you have to do is make sure you connect the appropriate contact within Archdesk and the system will then create them in XERO for you.

Archdesk will allow you to create invoices, credit notes, and help you exchange them with your clients and suppliers in a fast and effortless manner. It will permit you to track the financial health of your project, and create reports based on the project costs VS real spendings.

However flexible our solution is, Archdesk wasn’t designed as an accounting system or application, and this is why we join forces with XERO and other similar softwares, to help you manage your construction/manufacturing projects, and leave the heavy accounting to solutions specialized exactly for this.

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