29 September 2020 4 min read

How Automated Custom Forms Extend Your Possibilities


Digitised solutions save time - that you can invest in growing your company. Learn how automated forms provided by Archdesk help you take the next step towards the future!

No one likes bureaucracy. Unfortunately, some dose of it is necessary to keep your company operations organised. As a construction company, there are plenty of forms to fill. That takes time and space to store. What if there would be a solution to all that? Stick around, and we will tell you more about it!

Forms -The Way to Succeed in Construction

Construction supervisors and Project Managers alike are under immense pressure in their daily job. It also reflects on other employees in the office, and the workers on site. They need guidance; they need to comply with all the H&S regulations and make sure they are on time with their routine training. This is where a construction management solution comes in handy!

One of the constant things that take up a lot of time is the forms that need to be recorded daily - the safety inspection reports and so on. You might even have specific forms for each employee, to record their performance in time. But how can one have accurate forms and manage them with ease?

This brings us to the choice: traditional paper forms VS automated custom forms. The digital solutions bring much more benefits and allow you to have access to your data anytime and from any place. When selecting your ERP system, you should make sure that it gives you all the flexibility that you need. Be forward-thinking and dream of the future of your company!

Benefits of Automated Custom Forms

Organised documents you can rely on
Construction is a messy environment; forms can get dirty and the hand-written notes may turn out to be intelligible. You want the forms to be in a readable condition - automated forms inside the ERP system gives you that!

Digitalisation of the process
Construction is one of the least digitised industries. If you make a move to digitise your forms, you'll quickly become an industry leader. It’s not just upgrading one process - it’s streaming your operations and improving your workflow in the entire company!

Faster reviews & decision-making process
Time is money. Everything we can do to shorten a lengthy process is worth a while! The approval process is faster when all can be done online, in a safe, easily accessible cloud-based environment. You are getting valuable time here that your team can invest in further growth.

No more data loss
All data is stored in the cloud, that can be accessed anywhere at any time!

Creating and Customising Forms in Archdesk

Archdesk understands the need for digitalisation in the construction industry. This is why the team behind it has created a construction management solution that brings an eagle-eye-view of your company’s projects. It focuses both on the holistic view of how your company is performing but also it is able to store the data you truly need: in this case, the custom forms that your team fills on a daily basis.

Be it a Health & Safety form, or a Safety Observations Report, a Daily Inspection card, Archdesk is able to help you replicate the file and translate the inputs so they can be visualised from inside the system. Our Implementation Team will have a look at the forms that you use throughout your process, and they will set them up within the system.

Access to the forms can be granted per department - so that means that there is no chance of leaking information, but also that the whole team will be able to access the same data at the same time. All will be aware of the data filled in, and they will be able to track all responses - even the archived ones.

The access to the forms can be granted to both people that work with Archdesk but also externally. This means that your clients, contractors and suppliers will be able to fill out forms online, without having an account in Archdesk. The data will reach you as soon as they hit the SUBMIT button - instant access to the information, no matter where you are. In COVID times, we believe that it is crucial for you to save time and money on getting the most out of the construction management solution of your choice!

When creating the forms, the Implementation Team has access to a variety of options for your template: Body of text, URLs you might like to link, images you might want to add, numeric inputs, choice options, date and signature (and more!).

By bringing in an automated solution to the table, Archdesk helps you to step into the future!

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