21 April 2020 3 min read

How to choose an ERP management solution for a construction company?


Manage your construction projects, sub-contractors, and billing from one place, and let your team be more productive by selecting the right Project Management software.

The construction industry is one that can significantly benefit from the solutions Project Management Software has to offer. Nowadays, the available Project Management software solutions have a comprehensive assembly of tools that can facilitate construction projects just as well as it does with projects in other industries. It is an important choice, especially today, when Project Management and Resource Planning software companies have already made leaps and bounds and improved to the point where it’s the perfect choice for construction.

An increasing number of large- and medium-sized contractors are now using integrated software suites to take control of their projects in an efficient manner - cloud-based ERP solutions that can change the developing course of the construction management software market. But, just knowing such a solution exists isn’t enough. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a Project Management solution for your construction business.

A robust financial offering

Project life management

Real-time information exchange

Mobile access (Having a separate mobile app available would also come in handy!)

Document management

Relationship management (CRM)

Embedded analytics and business intelligence

Comprehensive security features

All these features are crucial when it comes to choosing the correct solution for your company, especially in terms of construction management software, as they can improve your company’s performance in several key areas. With the right solution, you can:

Save time – thanks to the number of functions involved in a Project Management and Resource Planning suite, as well as how effective they are when integrated together, you can save a lot of time on future projects. Many Construction software solutions come with a set of templates to make your life easier. Some solutions may also offer integration with the accounting software that you are currently using. The construction management software of your choosing should work seamlessly with the current systems you are using.

Save effort – with the integrated tools that the Project Management solutions offer, it is now much easier to properly handle your teams, schedules, projects, client questions, etc., in a completely effortless manner. You can let the cloud-based ERP system help in taking care of the mundane elements while you focus on more important things. With one tool to do it all (vs. many Excel files and a dozen other applications), you will have one point where you can look for all the info you need, to know how your projects are doing. Construction management software will allow you to “cut corners” and spend your efforts on finding innovative solutions in order for your company to bloom!

Save money – as the time you need to spend on individual aspects of projects is reduced thanks to templates and having all the data in one place, so is the amount of money you have to invest in every project. By implementing reliable solutions (like a cloud-based ERP system), you can gain more money on all your projects simply by saving on the effort needed. No more time spent on logistics and moving data from one file/app to another. Everything is in one place!

Avoid mistakes – Project Management software suites can track all of the changes you make to your project, where there is very little room for mistakes. The best general contractor management software can help you make the best of the information available so that your project can be as flawless as possible.

Choosing an ERP management solution for your construction company may turn out to be the best thing you have done for your company and therefore for your team. The General Contractor management software market is blooming, so finding the perfect fit will not be an issue. Just make sure you have your team involved in the decision-making process - guaranteeing you will get the most out of the new cloud-based ERP solution you are bringing to the table.

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