16 July 2020 6 min read

How to Use ERP for Document Management


ERPs that have Document Management as part of their solution can help you save time and money, and are more eco-friendly thanks to digitisation of documentation.

The Enterprise Management system that you will choose should not only be an end-to-end management system for your company, but also a software that would improve communication inside of your team. It should have a document management system integrated within. The next-generation ERP solution of your choice should allow you and your team to have a central repository for documents, notes, and any other files related to your project.

What does Archdesk bring to the table?

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Archdesk, as the leading cloud-based construction management software, has advanced Document Management as a part of the solution that it offers. This allows your company to stay organized and in control, at any time, by having all of it’s documents in one accessible place. These documents can be assigned to a project-specific folder, or it can go to the main company folder. Each file and folder can have specific access rights - categorized by the company department.

The Benefits of Document Management within an ERP system

A next-generation ERP solution will give your company the unique, single way to store all documents in one place, readily accessible by all interested parties. All information is stored in the cloud, so the information is ready to be used at any time, at any given place - as long as there is a stable internet connection. A proper document management solution will bring a boost to your ability to scale, help with efficiency and support your growth.

Security & Privacy
Nowadays, all information that we own is stored safely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world. Each user of the next-generation ERP system will be granted access to it, via the unique link and password. User rights can be assigned according to the department that the user is a part of. Users can also save their own information in the system, setting the access rights for a specific file/folder.

Time & Money Saver
An ERP with integrated document management capabilities can help your team to save time (and money implicitly) by making sure there is a single repository for all the documents connected to a specific project. That also means less paper (including paper, toner, postage, printer costs, and so on). Turn your company paperless, and become more eco-friendly! You no longer have to waste the time to manually search for some data - everyone has access to it, and the document management system has numerous search options available (filters to choose from).

Storing data inside of Archdesk:

Repository for each Employee - where you can store folders/files related to each Employee: be it employee agreements, tax ID verification forms, certificates, driving license copies, Mid-year/Yearly reviews, their CVs, their personal photos, etc.

Repository for each Asset you own/rent - where you can store folders/files related to each Asset (owned or rented): any documentation can be stored per each Asset.

Repository for each Business/Individual Contact - saved inside the system - where you can make notes about the contact, add files, and make sure that you can access all the Projects attached to a single contact.

Main repository (Storage) for the Company - where you can store all the Non-Disclosure Agreements, minutes from your business meetings, Business Plan, Compliance, and Regulatory Documentation, Business Insurance Documents, etc.

Repository for each project - opened inside Archdesk - our ERP system is able to create a replicating folder structure default to all new projects, allowing you to store project-specific data, saving time and organizing the documents from the beginning.

It is important to keep your documents secure, organized, safely accessible, and available at any time. With the help of a cloud-based construction management software, like Archdesk, you can easily organize your data, and keep it all safe and tidy in the cloud - making it much easier and simpler to access than when dealing with tons of paper files, pendives, and disks that you need to sieve through.

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