The global construction market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% to nearly $18,775.3 billion by 2022, therefore our goal is to make managing construction and fabrication projects easier and more transparent. Often times the main reasons for projects not being delivered on time and in budget are the obstructions of data flow and exchange of information. Other solutions available on the market at the moment don't address those issues. Archdesk works to make sure that everyone on the project and in the company has the essential information, in real time, to perform their work effectively.

Access to the right information is the key for any business to achieve competitive advantage in the coming years. It is something that we noticed when working on the first version of our management software for our partner’s construction business back in 2011. Using the most recent available technology and our industry expertise we have created a cloud-based system. In opposition to other Project Management and Enterprise Resource Management systems, Archdesk can be implemented according to a company's structure and operations for efficiency and profitability. This way the system will serve the business for many years to come and grow with it.

In everything we do we keep in mind the industry’s needs. The construction industry needs digitization and we want to support the industry on that journey. We also believe that constant improvement and updates are key factors in the company's growth. That’s why we now have a mobile app - bringing our solution closer to our customers (available for iPhones and Androids!) and saving time with it.

We created Archdesk to serve as a solution for construction and production enterprises and be a customizable software that fits like a glove for many (if not all!) companies.

We look at our customers on a 1 on 1 basis and we feel that if we get there, roll up our sleeves, and work with you side by side, we understand more about how your company works. Which is essential in supporting your growth.

We are walking now on fresh ground though - just like Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the Moon 50 years ago - we plan boldly walk and set high standards. We believe we can make a difference. Clients are looking for this and we work with and for them to succeed. We are Number 1 Construction Management Software in the UK. We successfully tripled our staff and over 8.5 bil Euro in construction projects in EMEA are managed inside Archdesk. And we are not stopping here!

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Asif Muhammad
8 months ago

Best of luck Michael


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