09 November 2021 4 min read

Making Change That Matters

Why Implementing New Technologies Is Worth The Effort.


The pressure for the digital transformation of the construction industry is here to stay. And for a good reason: there’s no way forward than through adopting new digital technologies that can make construction better. However, we know that going through such a significant change is a lot to navigate, but in today’s article, we want to show you why it’s worth it in the long run and how we can help you go through it.

"Digital transformation is shaping the future of the construction industry". This is a topic of an online article, but it encapsulates the message that seems to be overbearing in all discussions about the construction industry.

And don't get us wrong: we agree with this statement! At Archdesk, we believe that innovation and new technologies is the right way to go and perhaps even the only way to go. After all, adopting innovative solutions means you are moving forward. And at the end of the day, isn't it what we all want for this industry and our businesses?

Construction is one of the least digitised industries in the world, and it's not by any means as efficient, safe and sustainable as we would want and need it to be. That's why we won’t stop insisting that a change is needed. But in the ever-present urge to go digital - we get that it's not an easy decision. And that it needs to be thought through as it will take your time, money and effort. So don't rush into investing in any innovation - but commit to the one that will matter.

Digital Transformation in Construction

Digital transformation is different for all industries and companies. To pinpoint its essence, we can describe it as integrating new digital technologies into all aspects of a business, resulting in fundamental changes of the way businesses operate and deliver value to their customers.

In construction, it means incorporating new technologies like drones, AR or VR and 3D printers on-site and using AI, Big Data and BIM software to increase the effectiveness and quality of the projects delivered. It also means switching from good old spreadsheets to project management software and business management software (wondering what's the difference - check out this article!)

Our area of expertise is the latter two fields - project management and business management - and that's what we want to focus on today.

So, what is the situation within construction?

It looks like the past two years have been pivotal in terms of adopting new technologies. 81% of respondents across the UK construction industry stated that in the next 12 months (according to a research done in 2020), they would be taking steps to improve their business digitally.

This has been happening for some time now, but the Covid-19 crisis drastically accelerated the process - one research found that 95% of construction companies have increased the adoption of digital technologies to make companies more resilient and adaptable. According to the McKinsey Global Survey of executives, companies have accelerated the digitisation of their customer and supply-chain interactions as well as their internal operations by three to four years.

The Cost of Implementing New Solutions

Everything looks good, right? Well, yes - but the problem starts when the "change" means that you rush into investing in tools for the sake of "digitalising", but it doesn't match your company's unique needs, processes and results in just another tool. You use parts of it, but the rest just turned out to increase chaos, so your team preferred to stick to the old tools.

And, as we said, we get it - transforming entirely the way you work seems like it's impossible to make the right decision. Especially that implementing new technologies comes at a cost:

  • Money - that's a no-brainer that this kind of stuff is an investment for years.

  • Time - it takes time to implement new solutions, reorganise your processes and train your employees to use them effectively.

  • Effort - all of the things mentioned above take not only time but also a lot of effort put by whoever will use the new technology to adapt to change. Especially, introducing new technology to older employees might be a challenge as it will take more time to adapt them to digital solutions.

Why should you still go for it?

If you are thinking, "Great, so what do you want from me? Resist digital transformation?" Not at all - we think that it's the future of construction.

We want you to know that choosing to go through the transformation is hard and takes time and effort. So you and your team need to be prepared for that.
But what we are trying to convey here is this: good and important change takes time. Time spent on choosing the right solution and time to fully implement it in your company.

So don't rush it and make the most of the process. It will be worth it in the end and we want to show you how!

Archdesk Is a Big Change, But It's Actually Worth It

Here is why:

  • 01

    All-in-one tool to manage all aspects of your business
    Archdesk links specialised native solutions like Project Management, Finances operations, Assets Management, Scheduling or CRM in a central tool that empowers you to manage your whole company from one place. It also integrates with other specialised technologies, such as Xero or Sage.

    This way, all of the company works on the same, holistic, cloud-based platform, which makes the whole process a lot easier, makes communication better and reduces the overall chaos - letting you work more efficiently!

  • 02

    Easy access to all information you need
    Our software is an interconnected platform that not only lets you manage all your processes from one place, but it also naturally empowers you to gather all relevant information you need, and stores it securely in one, easily accessible place.

    Having all relevant and up-to-date information, presented in intuitive widgets and configurable dashboards makes all the difference when it comes to making the right decisions.

    Archdesk implements a golden thread of data, which massively improves communication flow across different parties of the process and improves accountability by keeping track of approvals and critical points across the design and construction stages!
    -> Learn more about the Golden Thread in Archdesk!

  • 03

    Tailored to your company’s need
    Archdesk is not a one-fit-all solution that you take off-the-shelf. We realise that every company is different and therefore has unique challenges, needs and processes. If you decide to work with us, we will discuss how our solutions can meet your needs and expectations most efficiently. Our software consists of many modules, which can be put together to mirror your company's workflow and to best support all your processes and operations.

    Of course, such a process takes time - but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day.
    We want to make sure that we understand your needs so that the end result will be satisfactory and will do its job!

  • 04

    The implementation process is long and challenging - but we are by your side making it as easy as possible
    The same goes with the implementation process - it takes time. It takes effort - but it’s all worth it once your company is finally entirely digitised and operates smoother than ever. The goal is to look back at that process after five years and think that it was all worth it - and that's precisely what we are aiming at!

    Setting up Archdesk for your company will mean going through your processes and calls, taking your feedback and reconfiguring the system, so that it’s all set in the best possible way.

    That's why we establish close cooperation between our implementation consultant and the champion - who is the person responsible for the implementation of Archdesk in your company. We hope to create the process of mutual respect, support and trust in order to deliver the best results. You will never be left alone with a system you know very little of or which doesn't suit your company. We will always be by your side!
    ->See our article on how the implementation process looks like

We want you to be sure that you are making a good decision - that's why we are being honest. Yes, implementing a construction management system will make a significant change. It will take time, effort and resources. But we also want you to know that it will be a change that matters. And that we will be by your side to make your company’s and the industry’s future brighter!

Let's start a conversation about your company!

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