28 July 2020 2 min read

Modern ERP with “Lego Modularity” Works Best for Construction Management


Lego blocks are great toys for kids to gain an interest in construction. But they are also an excellent example of how features in proper construction management ERP software should work. Take a look at what they have in common!

Who has never played with building blocks as a child? Or even as a grown-up? Those tiny blocks are one of the world’s most famous toys, entertaining kids, engaging their imagination, and promoting the construction industry - when you think about it!

What is so great about them? The main reason is their amazing variety and endless possibilities. You can build absolutely anything you can imagine with the proper pieces, and you can customise your structures by adding new bits. The next-generation ERP solutions work exactly like that, you just have to know what you need.

Custom Structures

One of the most important things in project management software is flexibility. Every company is different and every project has distinctive requirements. Even though we are able to set some common processes and procedures, it is necessary to be able to tailor construction management solutions to your company’s needs. Just like with the lego blocks, a modern ERP is versatile enough so it can support different types of workflows and processes for your company addressing your business needs.

One of the most common problems with flexibility is that the majority of companies offering construction management software do not offer an individualistic approach. They focus on out of the box solutions that are fixed, lacking flexibility for large and complex workflows.

Even if the company has 90% repeatable processes for every project in a given time, it is still crucial that their management solution will bend but not break when it needs to support the company’s growth and various new types of projects coming in.

Blocks That Fit Together

Just like Legos, solutions also have to fit together, building a holistic structure that will be stable, durable, and safe. Construction sites are places where every mistake can cost you money, time, or even more importantly, human lives. There are low margins for errors there.

This is why careful management is a key advantage point. Controlling and conducting all projects in one software requires multiple modules handling different departments; keeping the workflow organised.

Data flow is critical for project management! Any missing documents or overbooked assets will cause delays, and may even cause safety risks, impacting the project’s delivery. That is why it is necessary that building companies take data security seriously into account.

Thankfully modern digital construction management solutions enable us to track, oversee, and share all relevant data inside or outside of the company while staying secure. To ensure safe data storage and privacy the majority of ERP software are built on secure cloud-based infrastructure.

Moreover, each company’s core lies with its clients and employees working together, like Lego blocks to build something valuable. The construction industry knows well enough how fundamental health & safety regulations are - the risk of injuries or serious accidents is too high in this business to be taken lightly.

This is why teams should continuously work on improving the communication. Site workers should know and follow(!) the chain of command and processes connected to their tasks to be able to bring results at minimum risk. Great, well-trained workers will help deliver high-quality build projects that will make your customers satisfied and your company profitable. It is as simple and yet, as challenging as that.

We live in a world where technology is advancing faster than ever before and we should use the opportunities it brings whenever possible. Whether it is by providing your administration with modern software solutions or your workers with innovative site equipment - like exoskeletons or drones - we have the means to properly support construction now!

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