Moving your business to the Cloud


The digital transformation is the driving force for business continuity now. Online software solutions using the Cloud have become even more critical during the coronavirus crisis, and their significance is only going to grow. Learn how moving your business to the Cloud is beneficial for your company!

The Coronavirus lockdown has sent us all under self-imposed "home arrest". With each passing day, we realise more and more the need to be able to work remotely, at any time and from any place, with no disruptions - that can be achieved with the help of online solutions. The need for digitisation in the construction industry is growing fast, and having cloud-based management software solution has now become crucial for survival.

Why move your business to the Cloud

Facilitation of remote working
An online solution is enabling you and your staff to access the service at any time and from any location to complete their tasks.

Reduced costs
The cloud-based management software providers charge the cloud computing services based on the features, storage, number of users, memory space, and other diverse factors. This way, you can choose a package that suits your budget and your real needs. This allows you to also scale up in time! Your costs will be lower from reducing the number of workstations in your office - by allowing more flexibility in working from home.

Backup plans
Traditional legacy systems always were an issue in regards to the backup (disasters occurring and almost always leading to permanent data loss). In the case of cloud-based management software, you are protected: your data is stored on the Cloud. It will always be available as long as the users of the system will have a stable internet connection.

Data security
Storing data on the Cloud is safer than storing it in physical servers! In order to breach the security measures on the Cloud platforms, you would need to work truly hard - currently, the most difficult thing to do data-wise. A hacker attack happens somewhere in the world every 39 seconds, so it is essential to have an in-depth look at the solution provided and check if it is indeed safe! GDPR and user access are important factors when choosing a Cloud provider.

Tips for moving your business to the Cloud

Do the research
As the cloud computing landscape expands, so do the terminologies used to explain it. Understanding the basics of cloud computing will help you in making sure the movement from the legacy system to the online solution chosen will be smoother than anticipated.

Know what your team needs and wants
Get them involved in the decision-making process and hear their thoughts. Discuss: do you need data storage? Are you worried about data security? What are the recovery and backup plans that the service provider has?

Security is key to your information
Make sure that it is provided thoroughly. Think of the potential threats and always think in terms of the “worst-case scenario”. TechTarget has a pretty good list of security questions to ask your SaaS (Software as a Service) provider.

Why choose Archdesk as your online management software?

There are few online ERP solutions for construction companies available on the market. Before deciding, make sure you checked all specifications and features they offer, it’s absolutely crucial in choosing a software customized to your needs. Here’s how we support online management by our cloud-based software:

Archdesk is hosted on the Amazon Web Services Infrastructure - multiple servers ensure security.

Our infrastructure has a "self-healing” mechanism.

The infrastructure is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of the service year long.

It is hosted in isolated data centres in a mesh architecture.

Files are hosted in Ireland, but at the same time, they are mirrored to AWS data centre in Frankfurt in the case of an emergency.

Database backups are done every night and stored for 30 days.

The database is encrypted on the AWS side. All connections to and from Archdesk are also secured via a TLS connection.

Archdesk fits the "Security by design" compliance required by GDPR.

To learn more about the security of your data in Archdesk, check out the information provided by Amazon Web Services on Data Durability and AWS and the GDPR.

As always, contact us with any questions! We’d love to help!

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