12 October 2021 4 min read

New Technologies Adoption vs Older Employees’ Aversion for Change


The sooner you realise that digitalisation and new technologies is the way to go, the better it is for your business. However, the question is how to approach it while there are still older employees working in your company for whom this change would be rather difficult to comprehend at first? Find out in our article!

In today’s world, the construction industry already knows the importance of digitalisation and its impact on the market’s future. It's the 21st century and so new technologies surround us whether we want it or not. It is simply the matter of time when your company goes fully digital. And even though it might not pose any problems for the younger generation in your business, it will certainly become a major concern for the older employees.

We know from experience that one of the biggest challenges while introducing new technology to employees in a construction company is each user’s engagement. You will not be able to successfully proceed with the process if your employees will not be committed to adapt.

That’s why you need to take into consideration the older generation of employees when introducing new digital tools into your processes.

Aversion for Change

It goes without saying that new technology is not everyone’s best friend. Adopting it might be troublesome for many, especially for those of a certain age who struggle with digital tools and their application.

It is only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious when being introduced to a brand new technology. We don’t have to reach too far back - do you remember the beginnings of SMART TVs, also known as a CTV (a connected TV) which allow you to browse the internet, stream music and videos on your TV? Now, I bet a lot of us rejected SMART TVs at first - too modern, too complicated, too slow and distracting. Yet, here we are now using them on a daily basis! Conclusion? Everything takes time and will: you need to be patient and at the same time, willing to adapt and learn new things.

The same thing applies to software and digital tools. The majority of your longer serving members of staff can hesitate at the mere thought of adopting new technology in their work. Do not let them struggle with this change; instead, try simplifying the steps of introducing digital technologies into your processes to make your employees more willing to give it a try. How? We have a bunch of tricks that could help you achieve that!

How to Approach the Digitalisation of Your Company?

Having recognised the factors that make the older members of staff reluctant towards new technologies, we can now focus purely on the right approach that you, as a business owner, should be taking in order to make this change more attainable for them. Introducing new technology to employees is never an easy process. That is why here is a couple of our suggestions on how to do that properly:

  • 01

    Make a Clear Plan
    Digitising your construction company can be tricky at first. This is why you need a solid strategy to fall back on when things get out of hand. This plan should include both short and long-term goals, realistic timelines and your business priorities.

  • 02

    Opt for the appropriate technologies
    Before choosing any digital technology for your business, try to consider and deeply understand the needs of your company. Remember that its size and goals do matter when it comes to finding the right digital solutions for your business.

  • 03

    Upgrade Your Workforce
    The workforce at your company needs to be given adequate training and guidelines regarding the digital trends, such as AI, machine learning or data science. This process will enhance workforce productivity and consequently, streamline the company’s profitability.

  • 04

    Arrange IT infrastructure
    In order for the digital transition procedure to succeed, you need to make sure that your company is well prepared to go digital. And by that, we mean a stable and fast internet connection, information security features, and wireless connectivity.

Introducing New Technology to Employees

We are over the moon that you decided to take matters into your own hands and invest in your company by adopting digital solutions! Understandably, this is a big step forward not only for your business but also, for your workers - especially, the ones who have been with you since the beginning.

Remember that your company’s well-being is at the top of our priorities and so are your employees. This is why our implementation process is structured in a way that supports you to achieve your goals in the best possible way.
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