New Technology for Fire Prevention


There are many modern fire prevention technologies, which you can offer to your clients. But do you know the latest digital solutions that can support projects and processes inside your company? If not - you need to check it out!

Are you a fan of innovations?

Does your company invest in new technologies for fire prevention?

If the answer is negative to any of these questions, we will try to change your mind in this article! The world is changing extremely fast nowadays, so if you want to stay competitive in the market, you need to be innovative and invest in new technologies. Whether you are a fan of them or not. This is why today we want to present you with the best technologies on the market for your company and show you why your company needs them!

Fire Protection Market

When it comes to the fire prevention market, the researchers expect it to grow by 14% by 2024. Even though 2020 was not the best year for companies (one year of lockdown, lack of new investments), a slight decline before growth will not be significant.

One of the reasons for the growth is the rise of people's awareness of fire safety measures. More and more people prefer to prevent fire rather than deal with its hazardous consequences. However, domestic fire prevention technology is only a small part of the total value market. A more meaningful reason for market growth can be caused by European and UK’s government regulations obligating the construction authorities to supply buildings with adequate fire prevention technology.

If you want to read more about Fire Prevention Market, you can find more information in Active Fire Protection Market Report – UK 2020-2024

Why Do We Need Innovation?

  • 01

    Changing reality
    The global pandemic, lockdown - the last year’s experiences are great proof that the reality we live in is changing extremely fast. So is the reality of your company! This is why sometimes even the best solutions from the past are, after some time, no longer applicable to your company's processes. Of course, you can pretend to ignore this fact but then the risk of no longer being competitive only grows.

  • 02

    Solution for market challenges
    Despite the expected growth, the fire prevention market still has to deal with its challenges. Some of them are similar for the whole construction industry, like environmental factors, the ageing workforce and the lack of control over projects. Investing in new technologies for clients and internally, for better project management can be an excellent solution for these pain points!

  • 03

    Better service
    Who wouldn't want the greater effectiveness of smoke detectors or more sustainable water mist suppression? For sure, not your customers! People love technological innovations and the latest technologies. This is why investing in them will give you a great position on the market, especially over competitors who stick to well-known but less and less productive solutions.
    Learn more about innovations in construction here!

Fire prevention technology

What are the new technologies for the fire prevention market? You probably thought about a new generation of smoke detectors or mist suppression. This is true, but only partially. Of course, digitalisation is connected with better, more effective and sustainable fire protection for your customers. However, it can also mean internal solutions for Fire Prevention Companies that can support your processes and streamline your work internally. Today we want to present you with some of these technologies!

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    Although it may still seem futuristic and surreal, drones are an excellent solution for construction companies! They can reduce worker’s exposure by lifting more heavy parts or reaching places, where people need special equipment.
    Drones used in fire prevention companies can scan the environment quickly with attached cameras and provide crucial information for firefighters in case of any fire risk. Of course, it is essential to highlight that any employee, who uses drones should be adequately trained to avoid accidents or collisions with planes and birds.
    Read more about drones in construction [here]

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    ERP software
    Controlling schedules, budgets, assets and at the same time storing documents for all projects. This is a reality and a huge pain point of any fire prevention company. Many of them use different tools and platforms that work well but combined together create an information mess inside the company.
    If your company also faces these problems, the solution you need is one platform that can manage all aspects of your processes. Modern and cloud-based ERP software can support your daily work, giving you tools to schedule and control projects with access to crucial information anytime and everywhere.

    Learn how ERP software can streamline your processes

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    BIM and Virtual Reality
    We already talked about BIM (Building Information Modelling) for the fire prevention market [here]. But it is essential to highlight its benefits for fire prevention companies. BIM combined with Virtual Reality Technology can be a great tool to understand and manage better any project.
    BIM provides all of the engineers working on the project access to the same data ensuring practical cooperation. It can also be a great deal for clients as they will have the opportunity to learn how fire prevention technology works and looks in their building.

  • 04

    Artificial Intelligence
    Combined with all earlier points, Artificial Intelligence is a crucial solution in the 21st century. AI can gather and analyse unlimited data, and thanks to learning algorithms, it gives more precise estimation than any traditional method. It would be highly beneficial in the fire prevention market if the analysis of the fire risk, needed technology, and placement inside a building were at the heart of every project.


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
- Steve Jobs


We live in a fast-changing world. If you are not adaptable to new things, you will eventually lose to your competitors. This is why innovations are crucial to success. New technologies can be a great way to acquire new customers and strengthen your position on the market. Also, innovations are a chance for your company to manage better processes while keeping control over schedule, costs and overall profits. As in the quote above, we should not be afraid of innovations as thanks to them, we can become leaders on the market, and as it is commonly known, the leader takes it all.

If you want to learn how our solutions can streamline your processes, schedule a demo with our consultant. We are here for you!

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