10 September 2022 4 min read

On Time and On Budget!

The True Challenges of Completing any Construction Project


You can get to grips with construction's biggest challenges today.

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Construction projects require sacrifice, planning and communication. They need proper risk management, forecasting, skilled employees and performance management.

Without these elements, a domino effect causes inevitable delays and costs. But, it's an uphill battle against a tirade of challenges.

Let's look at 8 of construction's biggest obstacles to success.

1. Being on time

Probably the number one thing construction project managers struggle with is time (or rather the lack of it). According to some studies, up to 77% of construction projects suffer significant delays.

2. Staying on budget

Budget control and working to the original estimate almost never happens. Almost every construction project goes over budget, according to McKinsey. The average cost increase is 80% of the original value.

3. Productivity

Construction productivity has been flat for decades. While in manufacturing, productivity has nearly doubled and improvement was significant, construction struggle has led to project delays and cost overruns.

4. Communication

Outdated reporting practices make it tough to understand how the project is doing, from board level to gangs onsite. This impacts success because any chance to save money and increase efficiency is lost.

5. Organisation

Poor organisation puts construction projects at risk. Lots of departments, teams and people have their own processes - some good, some bad. But, even the best can't work when they stand alone. Everything must work together.

6. Risk management

It is more than common that long-term risks get considerable attention when assessing a construction project. But it's the smaller risks that can hurt you because they might be passed over by the team

7. Skills shortage

The skills shortage is serious. Regional breakdowns show that 26,000 extra workers will be needed in Greater London alone, while the South East needs 23,000. It's an issue that needs addressing, and technology can help.

8. Performance management

Because of how construction tracks, or doesn't track, performance on projects, it's almost impossible to benchmark. The same goes for KPIs. How can businesses, teams and people improve this way? Tech is the only way forward.

The solution: Archdesk

You can solve these challenges with Archdesk. The construction management software was built to help you get the best from your work. If you want to find out more, get in touch today by clicking below.

I want to see Archdesk


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