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Project Delivery:

Automate Your Processes


Every project requires a unique approach. However, some processes are repeatable and common for many companies. Is it possible to speed up the project delivery and still have control over processes? If yes- how ERP software can help you with the automation?

How does project delivery look like? Scheduling the work, allocating employees and assets, creating purchase orders, dealing with invoicing and at the same controlling budget of the projects - all at one time. No matter in which field your company specialises in and what size it is, you must have dealt with at least some parts of the mentioned process. But how to manage them fast and successfully while the market is now changing rapidly and unpredictably? The answer is quite simple (but complex at the same time): automation of processes!

What are the Benefits?

As you probably think, there are many benefits of automation. The most obvious of them are:

  • Better control over processes,
  • Faster reaction to the changes and
  • Boost in productivity.

But what are the specific benefits of automation with Archdesk?

  • Flow of information
    The information generated in the system can be easily addressed and visible to every single employee of each department. Such a possibility also exists for the subcontractors, and people outside a company. Thanks to that, important information can flow really fast from one person to another, generating a faster reaction. As a result, a company can benefit from faster delivery or finishing all tasks before the deadline.
  • No chaos
    Automation, except generating a faster flow of information, also helps the company to be better organised. What does it mean? Each employee on their dashboards sees tasks assigned to them and information that they have access to. What guarantees visibility and ensures no distractions for team members! The access can be restricted for almost every process, making the information flow controlled and clear.
  • Automatisation for the whole company
    According to the company and market needs, the project delivery process can be automated on each stage. The software can help in calculating cost, updating database contacts or invoicing the contractor. Thanks to that, all the processes can be done faster, not only a small part of the project.

What can be Automated in Your Company?

It is hard to mention all processes inside projects that can be automated and not be overwhelmed by the tons of text and links. That is why here we want to give you just an idea of automation with Archdesk by showing the main stages of project delivery in the construction companies.

  • 01

    Pre-contract stage:

    Before everything starts, we need to create a project that we can work on. During this stage, we can mention two essential processes: tendering and inquiring. If you have ever felt lost during these processes, Archdesk tools can help you. Thanks to tendering, you can automate some parts of the processes like an invitation to the tender, submission and final contract. It can speed up the process but most importantly save your crucial time for different parts of the project.

  • 02

    Preconstruction stage:

    It is the right time to plan the whole project: timeline, budget, resources, materials and many more. In this part, helpful can be the scheduling tool which shows you dashboards with the actual situation of the project. Thanks to that you can quickly react to any changes like delay in materials’ delivery, sick employees or broken machines.
    Also, in this stage, companies have to purchase all the needed materials for work. In this case, the tool that can support you is procurement. All required info like dates of delivery, payments and contracts with suppliers are stored in one place, and invoices based on purchased orders can be generated automatically.

  • 03

    Construction delivery

    In this stage, all tools mentioned before will be helpful. However, there is one crucial aspect that we have not mentioned earlier- the working hours of your employees. It can be a challenge to track this time correctly, especially now when remote work is gaining popularity. Thanks to the timesheets tool, employees can easily register their working time in the system. Thanks to automation, the time is automatically calculated for salary, and the system gives updated information about the project cost.

  • 04

    Handover processes

    At the finish of the project, the only thing that really matters is the budget. What are our costs? Are we in the budget? What is the income of the project? With the budgeting tool, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Budget in the project is updated automatically with every expense. Thanks to that, anytime you want, you can check the actual financial situation of the project. Along with the budgeting solution, it is worth mentioning the invoicing tool. Invoices inside the system can be generated automatically, and each stage of dealing with then is easily seen in the system.

  • 05

    Maintenance processes

    Last but not least, automated can also be all operations connected with support. Here you can find tools like RFIs or Custom Forms. Useful is also the document management tool. It stores all needed information and documents in one place with access anytime and anywhere.

  • As you can see, almost all parts of the project delivery can be automated. Here, we mentioned only a few of them, but if you want to learn more about automated tools - check out our Solutions page. It might look scary at first, but automated systems are for sure a future of construction. It is essential to adapt to this new reality now - or face the risk of falling behind the competition.

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