21 May 2020 2 min read

How to manage RFIs as a construction company


RFIs are key in the construction industry, yet a lot of companies rely on recording them through legacy systems (that often fail). It is time to move forward to the future by selecting a cloud based management system to fulfill your needs!

The construction process can be painstaking if the company does not have the proper tools and if you continuously fight with the doubling of one’s workload, the bureaucracy, and the never-ending paperwork. Most of the time the companies in the construction industry rely on old-school tools and a lot of different solutions for diverse actions that they take.

Why do Requests for Information documents exist?

The RFIs (Request for Information) were intended as a bridge between documents - the gap being too big and the reviewing of the documents taking too long. The differences usually appear when designers and engineers get tasks without fully understanding what is requested of them. Or when the general contractors and the trade subcontractors are tasked to estimate and build based on incomplete designs (or designs that are not fit to be built). Everything must go on a list that would hold all changes and costs approved - in the dead center of this process stands the Request for Information, meant to fix this broken communication.

So, what are RFIs for?

RFIs are here to clarify things, to fill out the gaps, and to clear out any uncertainties. No room for speculation or misinterpretation!

Key in the communication process for your team. Having clear communication is vital - the information gets recorded and there is no room for errors.

Safety - created and stored in a safe location so that all parties are on the same page!

Why Archdesk is perfect to handle your RFIs

Archdesk, as a cloud-based management software, allows you to store safely and securely all the Requests for Information within the system. Besides the fact that cloud solutions are reliable and safe, Archdesk allows you to work on your RFIs from any location (as long as you have internet access) and at any time, from any device (be it mobile, tablet, laptop - Android or Apple Tech). As subcontractor management software, Archdesk understands that it is critical for you to use RFIs and store them properly - also having a document-tracking platform behind it, allowing you to search and filter according to your criteria.

Construction companies use Word Documents, email chains, and even Spreadsheets in order to keep the RFIs together. Some even still use paper versions - even harder to track and store properly, when all things are going digital nowadays. Archdesk takes you one step forward: it brings standardization and visibility to your RFIs! The approvals and other communication will be done via the cloud-based management software, through emails generated from within the system. Your team needs to stop using their own (company or private emails) for RFIs as this makes it harder for you to track - especially as normally more than one person handles these requests. Archdesk keeps track of all movements on an RFI so you can tell when it was created and what’s connected to it has been done.

Construction management software, allows you to:

Track and create RFIs under each project

Create requests on someone else’s behalf

Add assignees to the RFIs

Mark the time impact and select a Due Date for the answer

Search and filter the RFIs - on diverse criteria. Combining the filters is also possible, to get the RFI you need

As a cloud-based management software system, Archdesk knows that RFIs can be a challenge for your business (costing you time, money and a lot of patience). We also know that by having the right-fit solution for you, a subcontractor management software system to cater for all your needs, you will be able to handle the Requests for Information quickly and efficiently.

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