22 October 2020 3 min read

Roofing Sector: What Needs to Change


The roofing sector was influenced by the recent crisis as much as any other within the construction industry. What can be done right now to improve its state? What can we do as a company to emerge from this challenge stronger? Take a look at our tips!

The global roofing market size was valued at $92,942.3 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $132,775.6 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 4.6% from 2020 to 2027. As part of the construction industry, it drives the economy and is a cornerstone of stable development. But just as all others, the roofing sector was no different when it comes to issues that came with the lockdown and covid19 restrictions. The companies had to face serious challenges that not everyone was prepared for.

According to recent statistics from Build UK, over 97% of sites are now back to work. But does that mean that companies operate as they did before? Unfortunately, we might never go back to the “normal” way of living and working because we have not only new regulations and procedures to follow in order to protect our workers and ourselves from the coronavirus spread but also because past months were tough both physically and sociologically for everyone. And that is something we have to keep in mind.

One thing is sure: the industry cannot continue to operate the way it used to prior to Covid-19. Social distancing procedures, as well as many more safety-related processes, must be put in place and followed to ensure a safe environment for workers and companies business continuity.

What needs to change?

Everything is uncertain in the current time, but there are some ways to improve the situation for your company (some more complex than others). Let’s have a quick look at tips on what you can do to ensure your company works efficiency despite current challenges:

Now more than ever, it is crucial to work on communication in your company. Make sure your chain of command is clear for everyone and support your workers as much as possible. As John Sayers, Managing Director of Hodgson Sayers, says in Roofing Today:
‘’As a management team we have learned from this lesson, and we are now much more aware that we have to retain a balance of being ‘on message’ while also realising that every member of staff is different and in their own way need reassurance and understanding. Some will be best supported by being provided with a clear direction, while others want us to listen as they talk through their anxieties.’’
Communicating with your roofers will allow you to learn about the needs and pain points, and it will also be a significant relief for them to share their feelings. Good relationships and support are much appreciated, currently, when everybody lives under severe stress.

Health & Safety
The roofing sector is significantly exposed to health and safety risks on a daily basis. It’s not easy to follow all the rules, but it is vital to keep the work environment safe for all your workers. Now, with increased regulations due to covid-19 restrictions - there are even more procedures to follow. Our tip is to make sure you have a proper tool supporting your health & safety managers. Modern construction management solutions offer you a wide range of tools that help following custom processes, tailored to your company’s operations!

Productivity is one of the critical fundamentals of a steady company’s growth. Unfortunately, it’s also challenging to monitor and increase it when you have to change a huge part of your processes over a short period of time due to covid19 crisis. Companies have to keep abreast of ongoing projects, ensure safety on the site, monitor work, stay in touch with clients, suppliers and stay in budgets all at the same time. 70% of contractors believe that advanced technologies can increase productivity. How? Learn more: here.

Not every challenge can be overcome with a simple solution, but what the construction industry learned over this year - is that next generation technology is here to support us. If there was any resistance towards implementing modern management software before the covid crisis, right now it’s re-considered. Thanks to online, cloud-based and reliable tools companies could control projects better and have a constant view of budgets and teams’ work. Right now, it’s a crucial factor in business continuity.

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