27 September 2022 3 min read

See the New Ways Archdesk Can Help You


Are you visiting UKCW Birmingham and thinking about how to spend your day?

See how Archdesk changes and how it benefits you by joining us at Stand BT230 in the Digital Construction Hub.

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Curious about what we’ve been working on? Archdesk is always improving by adding features and functionality. There’s a good chance that something you wanted from us last year is now here.

Create Project Dashboards


Create Project Dashboards in Archdesk

Every project is different. Upping tools and moving on to the next one, starting again. It’s a challenge.

Now, you can set up your own project dashboards, like those used for your business, inside Archdesk.

Build unique dashboards or automatically import pre-built versions into new projects. This saves you time setting up each project and standardises how you view and report to the business.

The beauty of unique dashboards is you can deal with construction’s novel challenges - and there are plenty of those.

Worried about information overload or privacy? Define permission levels by user and department. Only show your team what they need to see.

Build Risk Registers


Build Risk Register in Archdesk

Get a true handle on risk by building your Risk Register inside Archdesk.

See your “Risk Rate” on each of your projects with Archdesk’s risk algorithm. Based on probability and impact, the algorithm was built together with our enterprise customers.

Catch problems before they hurt you by understanding your combined risk on each project, and filter to the smallest detail so you can assess each one individually.

Because departments and users report and add risks they see daily to the register, you encourage a mindset change, where everyone uses their expertise to locate, categorise and report on risk.

Customise Your Menu Bar


Customise Your Menu Bar in Archdesk

Build your own experience in Archdesk by customising the static menu bar.

Does your team spend most of their time using Archdesk Estimating, Google Drive and Sage?

Add your most used Archdesk modules, websites and tools. No matter where you are in the system, reach them in one click.

Use Retention Enhancement Tool


Use Retention Enhancement Tool in Archdesk

Solve your purchase order retention cases with Archdesk.

Retention can be a tricky beast.

Lots of our customers relied on manual workarounds to solve purchase order retention cases - not anymore.

Now, you can automate the most complex cases for purchase orders using Archdesk’s retention enhancement tool.

Want to withhold retention due to performance and warranty issues. It’s easy to do.

How about different retention rates for contractors, costs and length of contract terms? Easy again.

Are you visiting UKCW Birmingham 2022?
Join us at Stand BT230 at the Digital Construction Hub to see the hundreds of other changes in Archdesk that could help you.

See us at UKCW

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