03 September 2020 3 min read

The Importance of Software Integrations in Construction Companies


Integration is oftentimes used as a buzzword, but what does it really mean? Why is it important for your business? Here are the 3 benefits you can not miss!

Why Is Systems Integration Relevant?

In our professional life, we use more and more tools to support our actions. Along with the rapid development of technology and digital transformation, we are witnessing dynamic growth in IT solutions. Construction companies are becoming more digitized with every passing year and the recent challenges brought by the coronavirus outbreak made us even more open to using modern solutions.

Moreover, cloud-based systems became a life-saver for remote work as it made possible to allow business continuity completely online for so many workers - from any device with internet, anywhere and any time. Moreover, this supports the flexibility that is needed today in the market.

However, every construction company has various processes to control and uses many tools to manage each department properly. This is natural - accounting software will not serve well as a project management solution and the other way around. Many times you demand dedicated tools for specific needs. Furthermore, to keep all of those tools connected is equally important. Here is where integration comes in.

What is a System Integration?

System integration is the method of connecting various systems between each other so that you can exchange data [and draw reports!] faster, easier and more efficiently. Different software used by your company should be connected and able to interact with to save your time through automation - freeing you from double work.

Integrations are extremely important as they allow you to control data flow between software, improve the productivity of your teams and day-to-day operations. For example, seamless integration between your ERP software and your accounting software is essential for managing your entire company.

These connections are possible by using mechanisms like APIs, sets of procedures allowing applications to access the data of an operating system. An API is essentially a programmable connection between systems that defines what data can be transmitted between them. The more integrations you have between your tools, the better they work together for your benefit.

3 Benefits of Integrated Systems

Well designed and enforced data integration among your systems will automate processes in your company. This allows your team to work faster, better and more efficiently. Here are a few reasons why software integrations in construction companies are extremely important.

1. Reduced Costs

Directly or indirectly - integration is one of the most efficient ways to reduce unnecessary cost. If you look at how many work hours your employees wasted on manual works required to, for example, cross-check data between systems, extract information or prepare reports, you will be surprised. All of those tasks are unnecessary costs that can be avoided with a proper setting.

Modern software providers know that and many of them already offer integration as a part of their service. Connecting tools your departments use saves money for your company and improves data accessibility for your employees.

2. Improved Security

Data security is one of the most crucial aspects every company has to take care of today. The consequences of a data leak can be extreme, that is why construction companies always need to take data security into account. When adopting a new software in your company, it is important to make sure connections with your other tools will be possible.

If your company is already using multiple systems (and each one of them is compliant with the security standards) connecting them is the best thing you could do. Integrations serve as a barrier, you can assign access rights for employees, allowing them to use only specific parts of the system that are integrated with another software. Improved data flow gives you more control and reduces the possibility of a data breach.

3. Higher Productivity & Performance

Many things add up to your teams’ performance. Tedious manual tasks result in time waste, chaotic document management causes frustration and doubles the time of task completion as well as it gives more space for human mistakes. Using state of the art tools like next-generation ERP system and taking care of proper integrations between your systems improves data flow, departments cooperation and personal performance.

Also, dealing with multiple systems leads to confusion and scattered data in different formats makes it impossible to extract valuable information or even less to prepare reports. Having one central operating system or at least - making sure you can connect your systems with proper integration, is a key to efficient operations.

Construction Software Integrations- The Right Solution

Integrations in construction companies are vital for the overall performance of the business and its growth. The benefits are significant and the risks that come with not paying attention to proper internal connection are dangerous for every industry.

Last but not least, the construction companies have to obey many regulations, from GDPR compliance to safety procedures. Modern systems can support all of those actions, but it is vital that we also pay attention to their integration capabilities.

  • Are you looking for a management tool for your construction company?

  • Are you afraid of investing in another software that will only complicate the processes instead of simplifying them?

  • Do you feel your team is slowly overwhelmed with different systems and a lack of fast data flow between them?

Archdesk connects project management and business management in one software, assuring a streamlined information flow. What is more, it can integrate with the systems you are already using!

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