Top 10 Construction Themed Youtube Channels

And Why You Should Check Them Out!


In a world full of information and knowledge but with little time on our hands it is nice to know where to go for a daily dose of good quality content. That’s why we put together a list of the 10 best construction-themed YouTube channels - check them out and feed your curiosity!

Curiosity and the urge to know and learn is embedded in human nature, wired into our brain. It seems that it is curiosity that made homo sapiens evolve, create a culture and be innovative.
However, in the modern days, when the pace of life makes us constantly out of breath, we often have little to no time to feed our curiosity. Juggling work, family, friends, and all other necessary stuff while trying to squeeze sleep somewhere into this madness – we don't always have time to read a book, look for articles or follow up on the news.

That's why it's great that there are people who gather interesting ideas, issues, news and knowledge for us, and then are able to present it in a distilled, entertaining way. Where can you find them? On YouTube of course! Creating highly informative, entertaining, quality content in such an easy to digest form requires some serious skills. Here’s a list of the 10 best construction and architecture themed YouTube channels you should check out!

  • 01

    The B1M
    The biggest channel on our list. It is hosted by Fred Mills, who has worked with a leading UK contractor and decided to start a YouTube channel with a mission to change the industry's perception and attract more people to work in it.

    It is the most subscribed-to channel about construction globally and was named one of the 20 best educational YouTube channels in the world by The Times.

    All videos last less than 10 minutes, each focusing on an extraordinary project, exploring some phenomena or ideas, sometimes bringing the history behind some iconic buildings and sometimes reaching into the future to show us how we may build in 10 or 50 years' time. It is absolutely fascinating and incredibly well-produced and gives the viewers small portions of high-quality content so that they can learn more about the incredible construction industry whenever they have ten minutes to spare!

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  • 02

    Modern Builds
    One of the biggest channels on our list with a massive audience. Trust me, they did not gain their 1.62 million subscribers for nothing. It has everything – DIY carpentry with a practical approach that you can follow while creating something yourself, some business talks and crazy renovations. One of the most interesting ones is an old school bus converted into a beautiful and functional home on wheels - it makes you want to do something like that yourself!


  • 03

    Do Not Settle
    This may be the most fun channel on this list. It was created by two architects and designers, who also happen to be big urban enthusiasts. Coming from totally different backgrounds (Belgium and Indonesia), they travel the world to show the viewers a fresh and unique approach to many different cities and their architecture.

    They visit construction sites, explore the buildings and city dynamics, but also produce content like "How architects see Marvel movies". Their videos are highly educational, bring some fascinating insights, but at the same time, they are sort of travel vlogs and lifestyle, which is a lovely and fun combination.

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  • 04

    She Who Dares, Wins
    If you came across our "Women In Construction" campaign, you have already heard about her. Michelle Hands is a site engineer who uses her experience of working in a male-dominated environment to help and inspire other women who want to pursue a career in construction.

    She shares her work on-site and how she builds her career. She also gives some helpful tips on tackling complex issues that women in the construction industry can come across.

    There are some well-produced vlogs from the site and more "chatty" videos where Michelle is sharing stories, experience and knowledge. So, go and check out her videos, and if you are interested in getting to know Michelle a bit better, go and check out our interview with her!

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  • 05

    NS Builders
    They are a Boston based company that focuses on building and renovating high-end homes. Their team consists of project managers, carpenters and cabinet makers, and as they say about themselves, they have "an obsession with redefining the ordinary and refuse to accept mediocrity". They created a YouTube channel to share their passion, to pass on their industry knowledge and to keep craftsmanship alive.

    They share their work, invite viewers to do site visits, talk about tools, and, in the series called "Revealed", they share the how-is-it-done of their furniture in detail. They also have a podcast hosted by the owner of the company, Nick Schiffer, where he shares valuable insights into the industry, best practise and his knowledge and experience.

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  • 06

    Interesting Engineering
    This one is a bit different because it's not specifically about construction but generally about engineering. Interesting Engineering's goal is to use storytelling to highlight the inner workings of the latest scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, cultural phenomena and more.
    This channel will give you an opportunity to explore the "behind the scenes" that had made new developments possible.

    They cover a broad spectrum of topics from how to make your own wooden bicycle to the five most radioactive places on earth – check it out, and for sure, you'll find something for you!

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  • 07

    Jesse Lane
    Jesse is an entrepreneur and general contractor documenting the journey of his growing construction company. He shares his work on different projects and gives many tips on running a construction business, as well as lifestyle and mindset advice.

    New episodes come out every week, and it's an honest journey of making your business work. If you are starting your own business, you may find some good advice, hear about Jesse's experience and find inspiration. Check it out!

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  • 08

    The Construction Channel
    They are on a mission to engage and inspire the next generation of builders. They focus on the industry news, markets, materials, stories and people! Like us, they believe that construction is an incredible industry with a profound effect on our lives, and they want everyone to know that!

    They explore real-life construction projects and offer an exploration of the inner workings of construction projects and compelling, inspiring, real-life stories from job sites all around the world.

    Their videos are concise and packed with content – no chance of finding anything unnecessary or uninteresting there. Everyone will find a story that speaks to them, even the little ones!

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  • 09

    Top Luxury
    This channel is similar to "The B1M", the content they produce is so well-prepared, insightful and exciting that we couldn't leave it out. They focus on the greatest megaprojects, impossible solutions and ground-breaking ideas, often explaining what will come in the future.

    Their channel is around for a little over a year, they release a video every week, and I think it's safe to say that we can expect great content coming from them continuously.
    Check them out to learn about the most exciting projects around the world!

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  • 10

    TED Talks
    Last but not least, if we talk about great, educational content, we cannot forget about TED Talks! You're probably familiar with them, but if not, TED is a nonprofit, global organisation whose mission is spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, impactful talks. The lecturers are unique personas, and the topics they cover are as broad as you can get – talking about feeding your curiosity.

    TED offers many talks on construction, design, urban design, architecture, engineering and technology. You can find them through their website and YouTube channel – just type in what interests you and find out more!

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Well, there you have it. The amount of content out there is almost overwhelming, so we hope our list will give you a good starting point in the process of finding creators that will best feed your curiosity. If you are looking for other recommendations, check out:

Thanks to the internet, we have endless possibilities to learn, and construction, as well as engineering, are some of the most exciting industries – it would be a waste not to give these a try. Enjoy!

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