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Why does your company need construction software?


Construction is the second least digitized industry. So why should you invest your budget in new software? Take a look at the 9 most common the benefits companies are looking for when adopting construction software. Are you currently missing them? Go to the market to find the best solution for your company.

Managing and growing your own construction company is a huge challenge, especially if you are a technical person - as an engineer, architect or designer - learning how to do it through the process. In other words, if you do not have an MBA, you are seeking solutions as the problems appear to you. You probably either have many daily minor problems that together make a huge one or your company is all tidy but is not growing as you expected and you can not find what else you should improve. Many times you are facing a company that is doing well for generations, but now you feel you are missing something and the numbers are not very clear where. What can you do here to solve it?

You are in the 21st Century, so take the best solutions available today to solve your problems! Technology has evolved rapidly - you know this is not new - and still many people in the construction industry are sceptical about it and its actual benefits. Truth be said technology will not solve ALL your problems, but it can definitely solve MANY of them. Take ERP systems for instance. Even if by definition, they are used by enterprises to plan their resources [Enterprise Resource Planning], they can benefit many other companies as well. If a particular software was built with your industry in mind, tailored to the problems you and your colleagues most frequently face - it can be even more beneficial for you to consider implementing it.

Take a look at the most common benefits that construction management software solutions can offer.

Yes! Construction Software can fully support you to achieve these:

Results Broad & Detailed View
Decisions made based on numbers tend to be better and more efficient for your company's positive results. For this, you need to be able to access the information when you need it, from a macro or micro perspective. It will support you to identify what is and what is not working for your company - key aspects to help your company solve its problems and multiply the successful points.

Streamline Your Process & Increase Team Performance
Do more with less! Once you are able to overview your processes and identify what is working and what is not working you will be able to make your whole company workflow perform better for you, and therefore for everybody. Efficiency is a key aspect that will support your team to increase its productivity and, therefore its performance.

Resource Plan Optimization & Control
No wonder enterprises are as big as they are. They pay attention to the details in order to avoid overbookings of their machinery as well as to minimise time waste. If time is money, not only your machinery but all your assets, including human resources, should be extremely well managed to support your company’s profit. Using this solution you will also be able to foresee if you will miss any kind of resource and solve it ahead of time, avoiding any delay in your projects.

Budget Control
How many times did you ask yourself where the money went? How many times did you lose money because your company did not properly estimate the cost and ended up absorbing the extra unplanned costs? Or lost the client because of it? You need to constantly have this view of where the money is going and if this is going accordingly to plan. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary delays and control your budgets to avoid bigger problems.

Easier Communication Among Teams & Clients &Partners
A state of the art solution must support your teams, partners or even clients in different locations and time zones enabling them to be connected seamlessly. Avoid miscommunication by having the proper process with actions registered inside the system and visual for the designated teams to access it any time they need it. Get notifications to start new processes and take this to the next level.

Automated Information Gathering & Documentation
Properly processing information and its documentation is a quite common issue faced by less digitized companies. Too much paperwork or too many excel spreadsheets are a huge obstacle for your team to get this done well and efficiently. With construction software, your team will have the structure to manage the information and even automate some of their processes by having people input the needed information inside the software from the beginning and much more.

Support for WorkFromHome at Any Time From Any Device
This is 2020 and your company NEEDS a solution that works anywhere any time you need it from different devices to support your operations and business continuity. This is a question of resilience today, not a luxury.

Efficient Estimation
How does your company estimate its project’s costs and profit? Under no doubt, you need to have access to previous projects to analyze similarities as well as update information on the current costs of the needed resources. So historical checking + updated information for the best estimation for you and for your client is vital. Surprises in the process are usually bad news and no one wants that. Once more you want efficiency from the decisions made based on numbers.

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IT Security
This is a pain point for any size company. It is far away from your core business and yet you need to address it with care and compliance. If you still face paperwork issues and excel spreadsheets - red alert: you need to change immediately. Adopting an all-in-one construction software that states its compliance with UE and USA security levels will be a huge upgrade for your company’s IT security and business continuity.

Now is time for your own reflection, did you check many benefits that will solve your problems by construction software implementation? If you would like to search for a solution for your company, take a look at this article about key aspects for choosing a solution that best suits your company.

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