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Companies must do all they can to ensure resilience. Business continuity is a priority at any time. Here at Archdesk, we are committed to help your business operate smoothly no matter what. Get ready to hit the ground running!

We are together in the fight to overcome the current challenges.

Most companies are facing resilience issues related to:


Employees’ health and safety - at the office and on-site


Unplanned or unwanted Layoffs in the long run


Cash flow maintenance


Remote work implementation


Communication support for employees working at home

Special Offer

Archdesk is mobilizing new actions to support business continuity of the construction companies during these tough times that require immediate action. Here is how we can support you:

01Smart digitalization can help you. New contracts signed until July 31st 2020:

Full software license with the first 3 months free of charge

Quick online implementations of our next generation ERP software with ZERO cost

Online training for your team with ZERO cost

12 months contract:

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02We are supporting companies and employees with a free consultation on how to adapt to remote work (individual sessions with limited space) with no strings attached. Just friendly support as you need it. As an IT company, we are pros at remote work! Let us help you with this.

03QUESTION? Is your company going through a different problem we did not address here? Please tell us here! Send us the challenges you are facing; we will read and get back to you. We are #TogetherIntheFight to support your business to overcome the current issues.

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Archdesk can help my company.

Our solutions for these problems will benefit you with:

Employees’ Health and Safety: well-implemented remote work can keep all your office employees safe at their homes and still working to keep business resilience. Along with this, on-site, it allows employees to clock in and out from their own devices.

Remote work: next generation ERP systems are cloud-based software that works anywhere and from any device.

Efficiency & Cost Saving: Archdesk allows you to work faster and better by improving and optimizing operational excellence. You will have insight and control over the whole process and employee’s work. This will support your decisions and actions to control your budget, making sure that every penny is spent properly.

Communications: our software allows great team integration among the different departments at your company.

Compliance: our cloud-based software supports IT security requirements.

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