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Put all the pieces in the right places!

Managing assets is vital for your company’s resilience, profit and growth.

Does your business software silo the information from different projects?
Are you making decisions based on assumptions or on a simple source of truth?

Take a look at your company:
How many pieces can you juggle at a time?

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Move the building blocks around and try to put them together to reveal the message!

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Archdesk's Construction Management Platform

enables you to control all assets inside your company making sure it all fits together!

Managing a construction company is a complex and demanding task. There are a lot of variables involved and you have to make sure all of your processes are running smoothly at the same time.


of well-performing projects use project management SOFTWARE


of projects fail due to poor communication


of Companies (with high project maturity!) fail to meet the project’s original goals lacking company customers contact

Which technologies do you use?
Are they well-integrated or do you have to manually get the information from different sources?

Use solutions to support your actions across all pillars of your company from one central management point:


Money Spending



Archdesk is here to support all your actions!

Archdesk is an interconnected platform, linking specialised solutions in a central tool that empowers you to manage your whole company from one place.
The golden thread permeates all the projects allowing you to move from the micro management to the portfolio management and vice versa. Real-time information whenever you want or need, from any device.

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Put all the pieces
in the right places

Choose a complete, cloud-based software that makes your job easier and your company more profitable.

Once you can see what is happening at the same time in all your projects, you are able to move the pieces around to address the current needs. Thanks to acting on time, you put out the fire before it burns your whole company, saving both time and money.

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How different is Archdesk?

Company and Project Management

  • Our software is not just a project management solution.
  • Our software is not just an ERP solution.
  • Archdesk empowers you to gather all the information from your projects and manage your company's assets from the same place.

A Construction Platform: single source of information

  • Our software is not an isolated solution from which you have to manually get the data as well as gather the data from other technologies.
  • Archdesk has native solutions for Project Management, Finances Operations among other extra features, and it integrates with many other specialised technologies (e.g. Xero, Sage). It supports you to have information in real-time with one single source of truth.


  • Our software is not an off-the-shelf solution equally structured for all.
  • Archdesk has many modules, like Lego pieces, which will be put together to support your company's workflow.


  • Our software is not so complicated that you will need a team of experienced system specialists to work with you.
  • Archdesk offers your team an online training and on-demand academy to learn how to use our solution in their own time. Moreover, our support team is also happy to help whenever needed.

Your Implementation at Your Pace

  • Our software is not so complex that it will require many months or even years to be implemented.
  • The Archdesk Implementation Team will follow your pace and support you in benefitting from our software as fast as you want.

Positive Legacy

  • Our software is not stuck in time or does not use outdated technology you will have to move away from at some point.
  • Archdesk’s software is constantly updated and has its own team of Research & Development to keep it as the best solution for your company at all times, GDPR compliance and IT security best practices included.

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