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¿Qué características debe tener el software de gestión de la construcción?


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Construction management software is a broad term, just like construction. That's why understanding what you need is tough.

You can find tech for each department, like estimating and accounting, often specialising in only those functions. While good, it forces you to work in siloes. That's something the industry is trying to break free from.

The alternative is construction management software that takes a platform approach. This often has a solution for every department and uses API connections to integrate with the rest of your tech stack, giving you a full view of your data. 

The benefit here lies in the analysis and reporting you can do on the fly, without hopping between tools and spreadsheets.

With that in mind, here are some common key features you'll need from construction management software:

    • Órdenes de cambio
      Allows you to change any orders made after they’ve already been implemented. This gives you control over the orders, letting you accommodate when the client changes their mind.

    • Propuestas de licitación
      Stop managing bids and submittals the traditional way, tracking individual emails and sometimes even - post. Keep everything in one place with construction management software.

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      Control de la documentación
      Control who has access to which documentation, making it accessible to you and only those with permissions. Also, everything is findable in one place.

    • Gestión de activos
      Lets you keep tabs on all your resources and equipment. It’s simple, and you can always be aware of where each of your items, vehicles, etc. are at a given time.

      See when they are scheduled for another project. Your Assets are key and scheduling them and keeping track can impact your production.

    • Presupuesto
      Helps in accurately estimating project costs, which in turn allows you to create more suitable budgets for projects, thanks to the more comprehensive view of the whole situation.

      Seeing and understanding your project finance is essential, making sure you don’t overrun your budget.

    • Programación de proyectos
      It’s much easier to schedule a project with a reliable database properly; all relevant factors are accessible to you at all times, so planning is incredibly easy with construction management software.

      Creating a schedule of works and assigning tasks to specific people on particular projects is crucial in your planning process and construction management software will help you achieve that.

    • Órdenes de compra
      You can easily access and tune all the purchases you need to make for your business, as well as easily follow all their types, quantities, prices, etc. RFIs (requests for information) and submittals – create, manage, and track RFIs and submittals.

    • Transmisiones
      Facilitated communication between all parties involved in a project. Sharing documents inside and outside the company is important for good and lasting communication with all parties.

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Modern Construction software is vital in getting your company to the next level. Having the best fit solution would help you in your daily tasks but also would guide you along into taking the best decisions for your projects and overall for your company.

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