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Archdesk is an energy management platform designed for streamlined processes, quick approvals, and seamless collaboration. Experience easy integrations and real-time notifications tailored for the gas, oil, and renewable energy industries.

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Main Benefits

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Analyze Project Data

Effective project management allows for a seamless coordination of tasks, resources, and stakeholders, ensuring that even the most complex projects progress efficiently and on time. Archdesk makes project coordination easier with modules tailored to fit your needs.

Gain control over user permissions

With Archdesk, assigning and adjusting user permissions becomes an easy process. This guarantees the right individuals only have access to information that is most relevant to their role or responsibility. Access controls are vital for ensuring data security, confidentiality, and efficient collaboration within your organization.

Tailor Your Processes

Archdesk is easily configurable to align with your specific processes. With bespoke implementation, Archdesk adapts to your industry’s unique requirements, ensuring a personalized and efficient project management experience.

Our Features

Optimize your operations
with Archdesk’s specialized features


Take control of your financials

Review and approve sales and purchase invoices, speed up billing, and stay on top of due payments thanks to an automated financial platform, giving you real-time access on the go.

  • Invoicing made easy: Select a client from your database and assign the invoice to a specific project or individual phase of a project. Products and services can be added individually or selected directly from product catalogue.
  • Financial Management: View existing invoices, their affiliation, status, totals, and due accounts on live, easily configurable dashboards.
  • Never lose track of money: Keep an eye on all outstanding sales and purchase invoices. Track the number of paid and unpaid invoices, their due amounts and whether or not they are overdue.


Connect to third-party software

Integration with accounting software streamlines data flow between Archdesk and financial systems, reducing manual entry and enhancing accuracy. Archdesk supports various integrations with third-party software to further enhance operations and improve efficiency. We provide support for:

  • Xero,
  • QuickBooks,
  • Sage,
  • Sharepoint,
among many others.
Customized integration is possible upon request and after a feasibility check.

Appel d'offres

Split and manage your tenders

Choosing the best supplier or subcontractor has never been easier. Archdesk speeds-up a typically lengthy tendering process, enabling you to make the right choice in a fraction of the time.

  • Improved process: Draft tenders from an automated tendering platform, define the tender rules, details, and attach any other necessary information.
  • Automated and Quick: Select suppliers or subcontractors from your database and invite them to take part in the tender process. The system will automatically send them a tender invitation and record their offers.
  • Automated offer analysis: Archdesk provides you with an analysis of all participant offers, and recommends the most suitable supplier or subcontractor based on your unique evaluation criteria.
  • Single or multiple awardees: Archdesk’s flexibility allows you to choose single or multiple tender awardees and automatically adds their offer to the project financials.

Approval Processes

Progress to the next stage with sign off

Construction projects require precision and revision. Approval processes increase accountability, help your company avoid mistakes, reduce unnecessary paperwork, and quickly progress your project to the next stage. Notifications of the approval process and color-coded process status will provide updates at a glance, saving you precious time.
In Archdesk, you can manage approvals on:

  • Documents
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
and more. Reduce the paper trail with fully digitized approvals, without leaving your desk.

“We evaluated a number of ERP systems prior to selecting Archdesk. We chose this one because it was a cloud-based, tailored solution that offered a breadth of functionalities not available in other systems”

Michael Luxumburg-Chalon

Commercial Director, Utilligence Ltd

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Built for your team

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suited for various roles

Head of Operations

Head of Operations

Manage assets, gain overview of all your projects and data.

Finance Controller

Finance Controller

Have a financial dashboard always at hand to control accounting.

Product Manager

Product Manager

Easily manage project processes, assets and employees' time.

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Gérez mieux vos demandes d'informations en les organisant, en les rendant accessibles et en les rendant exploitables en un seul endroit.

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Contrôle budgétaire

Suivez vos dépenses, votre rentabilité, vos paiements, vos factures et vos commandes pour chaque projet.

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Get information from partners whenever they are ready. Make the data sharing easier, faster, and accessible anytime anywhere, for employees or external partners.

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Gain insight to all the essential information from configurable dashboards to detailed high level reports.

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Gestion des clients

Conservez toutes les informations relatives à vos clients en un seul endroit, facilement accessible.

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Programme des travaux

Améliorez votre activité en gérant tous les aspects de vos projets en un seul endroit.

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