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Comment Archdesk prend-il en charge le travail à distance ?


Do you think remote management is possible in the construction industry? It is possible, but it must be performed with the support of proper construction management tools to be really profitable! Find out what digital solutions you might need and how Archdesk can support you in remote construction!

We live in the tech age where intense digitalisation of every domain of our lives has become a fact. Our workspaces are not very different! During the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, working from home became the only possibility for managing the company. Today, we are no longer forced to stay in our houses, but the perception of managing teams remotely has changed completely.

Remote Management - Opportunity for Your Construction Company

Working on-site cannot be done from home. However, many processes can be performed online without compromising efficiency or quality. That is why at Archesk, remote working is possible.

We believe that by being able to work from home, you can set and customise your working hours to meet the needs of your life. Working in the construction industry does not mean you have to be stuck on-site - you can give freedom to your employees to do their daily tasks and yet, still be able to track them every step of the way. Remote work is possible even inside the construction industry! How? With the use of proper management digital tools.

How Can Digital Solutions Support Your Remote Management?

Archdesk is a solution to remote work requirements, offering tools to support remote management while keeping the team communication fast and simple! All you need is a phone/tablet/laptop/desktop with a good internet connection. You can connect to the software anywhere (even if you are stranded on a remote island) as we have you covered as long as you have internet connectivity!

But let’s talk more about specific solutions that you can apply in your remote management:

Programme des travaux

You can keep track of your projects, no matter where you are. You need not be on-site to know who is there and what scope of work is being performed. Archdesk allows you to plan in advance and set up a Programme des travaux that will hold every task for your employees (be it apprentices, permanent, subcontractors, or contractors).

Planning will allow you to visualise the costs and figure out the time frame of your project before it starts! You can choose between setting the Schedule of Works in a Gantt Chart form or seeing it as a table. You can create the Schedule from scratch or import it via the Excel template. Moreover, you can upload the data also from Microsoft Project if your team uses it. Our software gives you many possibilities to customise the process.


In Archdesk, you see the big picture of your company with a view of the tasks (on multiple projects) you are running simultaneously. The Scheduling module will allow you to avoid double-booking - if you assign a person already booked, the software will notify you of that. Thanks to that, you can create schedules working from home as you will always have a crystal-clear picture of what your team is doing and how your projects are progressing.

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Contrôle budgétaire

Keeping your project running and making money for you is critical, and we understand that! To track if you are staying on budget, we created the Financial Dashboard - available for each Project, that allows you to see the Financial Health of your project at a glance! Also, you can track all expenses live and never miss a thing. The system even shows a breakdown of costs per category, allowing you to see where you have over-spent the predicted budget.

Knowledge is power, especially in remote management. That is why having all the financial data at a glance is vital in making the right decisions. Do you feel your financial management is challenging? It does not have to be! Schedule a call with us, and we will try to find solutions to your pain points!

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Organising, distributing, and chasing people to do their assigned tasks may be a daunting task, and it is even more complex while managing teams remotely. However, Archdesk has a separate To-Do tool to support you! Our construction management platform allows better prioritisation of work by adding urgency and importance to each task and setting clear deadlines. Through the To-Do tab, you will be able to visualise all of the tasks and filter them out according to various criteria. You can also use Notifications par SMS so your team will be notified of the tasks assigned to their name. The delegation of parts of scope is also possible - just pick and choose from your list of employees to whom you wish to give the task.

Entrée/sortie d'horloge

Many construction companies are still afraid of remote construction as they fear they will not be able to control the employees working on-site properly. But is managing your employees’ time by paper worksheets or excel really effective? Things can be done much easier and faster with the help of Archdesk digital solutions!

How Gestion du temps et du calendrier with Archdesk works in practice? Each employee receives a unique 5-digit code to clock in on their work devices at the beginning of their day/task and clock out at the end. Once the clock-out is done, the data (hours and expenses) will be attached in Archdesk to that employee. After approval from the manager, the info will get transferred as an expense to the Financial Dashboard of the Project the task was under - as Labour Expense (category).

As a bonus, if the GPS is turned on while clocking in/out, you can track the location of your employees. Thanks to that, even if you are managing teams remotely, you can quickly check if the person clocking in really was on-site at the time.


RFIs are mainly a manual process, but they shouldn’t be. Some may be stored randomly on emails, but it is generally hard to track them down and be up to date with any updates. Our construction management software comes to the rescue, introducing the RFIs as a digitised version that is easy to track for all the team. You can create, send and track RFIs working from home without stressing that some part of the crucial information is somewhere in the office!

Gestion des documents

Remote construction was always connected with the challenge of storing the documentation correctly. Not any more! Archdesk helps you stay organised and keep all things in place by creating a standard way of proceeding with the projects. You can store files, download them, create folders and share documentation externally- all done from one software!

Are You Ready for Remote Construction?

We know that certain jobs in the construction industry must be present on-site, but many processes can be moved online, especially if you have the right tools to succeed! Luckily, Archdesk is one of them as it has many modules and features that can support you in working from home while at the same time keeping the same productivity and efficiency as if you were in the office.

  • Has any specific feature from the ones listed above grabbed your attention?

  • Is there any part of the remote construction that is especially challenging to perform in your company?

  • Or maybe you want to hear more about other features that Archdesk offers?

If the answer was yes to any of these questions, schedule a call with our Specialists!

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Originally published on: 7/04/2020
Article updated on: 20/05/2022

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