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Designs Programme
Plan each step of the design process in detail. Thanks to the Programme of Works feature, you can easily plan each task step-by-step and mark dependencies between them. Thanks to customizable Reporting Dashboards, each designer may quickly check what is on his or her plate without skimming through multiple schedules. Mark the deadlines for each stage and notify team members responsible for them when they are crossed.

Feasibility Study
As you know, in more complex projects, it’s necessary to conduct a feasibility study. Model custom process for the study and add it to a project only when needed. Describe each stage, add Notes to it, split it into ToDos for specific team members. Connect stages into a linear process, skip the unnecessary ones, and track overall progress on the reporting dashboard. Managing complex research tasks have never been simpler.


Shorten time spend on creating a quote by 20%
The quote creation process may take a lot of time and effort, so why not automate it partially? Create quote templates for each type of project. Archdesk will automatically add the right template in each project you start. Split each position into categories for easier expenses tracking in the budget. Automatically attach Payment terms and all gathered files to the issued quote.

Intuitive workflow and seamless information flow
Quotes approved by a client is a core of the project. We understand it, so other data and documents may be linked to it. Set up Payment Terms on a quote with just three clicks. Issue an invoice based on the quote and export it seamlessly to the company’s accounting software. All the financial data are automatically summarized on Financial Dashboard to streamline communication between Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, and Accounting.

Schematic Design

Design concept
Creating the first sketches and drafts is not the simplest task. It takes multiple iterations to get the most satisfying idea out of the architect’s head. Store all design versions on dedicated storage and manage access to them so that team members can see only the newest one. Share files with Client directly from Archdesk, by sending a unique link. Attach notes from the meetings to the Project to keep track of the latest arrangements without any hassle. Set up the approval process for the designs to make sure that everyone is happy with the first concept designs.

Cost plans
Cooperate with General Contractor or Developer on initial estimating costs smoothly and straightforwardly. From your side, researching the type of equipment and materials needed is an essential task. Create a separate process for each research category and add it to a project only when it’s adequate. Attach all the necessary information as notes to each task, to be sure that no key details are omitted. Store all the gathered information against the Project in Archdesk and share them seamlessly with people outside your team if needed.

Design Development

Detailed Drawings
When all the research is done, and client approved concept designs, it’s the right time to start detailed drawings. Store drawings in Archdesk cloud storage to access them from any device. Change files visibility with one click for smooth version control. Leave tasks and suggestions to other team members as ToDos. You can attach files, screenshots, and drawings to them. Set up a process for detailed drawings development and create a reporting dashboard to visible team members. Thanks to that, you are going to have easy access to lists of projects in development, their priority, and deadlines.

Final Design Approval
All the drawings seem to be done, you’re satisfied with the results - it is high time to go through the Final Approval process. Plan the whole approval process step-by-step. Mark who is responsible for each stage in the approval. Consult with client’s engineers and project managers using RFI. Keep track of all the changes to be done using notes and ToDos. Share drawings directly from Archdesk to avoid going through dozens of emails with multiple attachments. Track deadlines for each approval stage to avoid delays in the programme and deliver all the information on time.


Production information
When the designs are approved, there’s whole documentation that needs to be prepared by your team along with the client’s consultants. UGCs, Owner’s Special Conditions and Specifications, the final Drawings with the description, Specifications, details, Change Orders and much more. Prepare the process for each of these documents to clearly know what needs to be done, mark progress in one click, store drafts in Archdesk and share them easily with other team members. Describing the scope and quality of the project and the materials, supplies, equipment, systems and other elements that are required for construction of the project - gathering and managing this information never have been easier.


Ongoing design development
A construction site is a living organism and the need to add or re-design some parts of the project is nothing unusual. Add a process dedicated to ongoing design tasks, so that all the architects and engineers see it on their reporting dashboard. Use RFIs sent directly from Archdesk to acquire all the information needed, including actual photos from the site or any documentation needed. Send a short link to the client’s representative to share the newest drawings and go through a quick and transparent approval process using Archdesk pre-planned processes for this case.

As-built design
When the project is done, it’s crucial to prepare as-built designs before the handover. Set up an individual site visit process for each project, to assure that you checked all critical project parts. Keep track of all amendments to be done using an intuitive task management system. Attach photos from site, measurements, and older versions of drawings to each task. Thanks to Archdesk storage dedicated to each storage, you can store the designs in the system for decades and share them with just one click.

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