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A system should be molded to fit your processes, not the other way around.

Speed up your project and processes by replacing time-consuming, manual tasks with an easy-to-use, tailored system. Align your business processes; from project & resource management, through fabrication, to finances and business operation, all in one modern, fast and innovative system.

Procurement & Finances

Keep track of all of you expenses and costs, manage spending and procurement, and exchange data with your current accounting software. Use Archdesk for expense, labor and invoice management. Keep track all of your contractors, set up tenders, and make better informed choices on your projects.


Instant access to client information, historic estimation data, cost estimates, reportings, project profitability, and more. Learn from your experience and enjoy easier more precise estimates with better project profitability.


Upload project data, store client information, update order changes, and manage work plans. Thanks to Archdesk you can stay on top every project from beginning to completion.

Sales & Purchasing

Access all client and vendor information, including purchase and order history, invoices, quotes, and payments. Manage stock inventory, receive alert notifications, and file orders in one place.

Construction / Production

Manage stages, deliverables, project changes, specialists, project milestones, employee timesheets, assets and more. Whether it’s managing metal fabrication, or building a skyscraper, Archdesk will help you keep things running smoothly from design reception to project completion.

Quality & Safety

Just by doing their everyday jobs, your employees supply Archdesk with lots of valuable data. This knowledge can be used to minimize risks, track performance, and improve your Quality and Safety processes. When it comes to Q&S, it’s all about prevention and learning from previous mistakes. Being able to pinpoint the issue in one project, can help you prevent it from recurring in all projects that come after. Gather information, analyze reports, and improve your processes to help your team stay safe and efficient.

HR & Operations

Upload project data, store client information, update order changes, and manage work plans. Thanks to Archdesk you can stay on top every project from beginning to completion.

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Programme of Works

Improve your business by managing all your project aspects in one place.

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Production Control

Stay in control, even with the largest, most advanced production processes and projects.

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Manage sales and purchase invoices, speed up billing, and stay on top of all due payments.

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Manage all of you financial data and integrate with your favorite accounting software.

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Gain insight to all the essential information from custom dashboards to detailed high level reports.

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Supplier Management

Make your purchase process quicker and more efficient with all supplier information in one place.

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