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What makes you unique is what we care about.

Archdesk is not a one-size-fits-all ERP. We understand, though similar, no two manufacturing companies are the same. With a system that bends but doesn't break we provide you with the best, most flexible workflow management software for manufacturing, containing all essential features for you to run your business.

Sales & Purchasing

Quickly create and update client information. Open purchase orders, client history, invoices, and payments. Access all historical and current client projects in one place.


Create quotes, update project status, access client information, historic estimations & prices, cost estimates, reportings, project profitability, and more. Learn from your experience and enjoy easier, more precise estimates with increased project profitability.


Send and recieve project designs, store data & client information, and manage order changes. Thanks to Archdesk you can stay on top every project requirement from beginning to completion, in an organized, paperless way.


Manage stages, deliverables, project changes, specialists, project milestones, employee timesheets, assets and more. Whether it’s managing metal fabrication, or building a skyscraper, Archdesk will help you keep things running smoothly from design reception to project completion.

Quality Control
& Assurance

QC and QA are one of the most important processes in production. In Archdesk you can monitor the processes from star to finish, ensuring no steps are skipped or neglegted. In case of complaints you can access all historical data, parties involved, and test results. Use all the information gathered in the system to learn from your mistakes and perfect your manufacturing process.


Keep track of all of you expenses and costs, manage spending and procurement, and exchange data with your current accounting software. Use Archdesk for expense, labor and invoice management. Keep track all of your contractors, set up tenders, and make better informed choices on your projects.


For Manufacturing Companies, assets can be quite extensive: raw materials, work in process and finished goods can all appear at the inventory category. You may have long-term assets such as forklifts, pushcarts - Archdesk can hold all that info for you in an organized manner and help you know where your assets are, on which project and at what time, at every moment in your day (allowing no mistakes, like overbooking).

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All features are specifically built to work seamlessly in one software package and are highly customizable.

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Time & Calendar Management

Manage works, assign tasks, schedule meetings, and aprove time-off requests.

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Increase time efficiency by using our state-of the art real-time timesheet management tool.

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Alerts & Notifications

Stay up to date and never miss another important piece of information.

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Organize and assign tasks allowing for easier and more efficient project management.

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Gain insight to all the essential information from custom dashboards to detailed high level reports.

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Manage you labor, costs, and schedule to never undervalue your project budget.

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the specific
of SME's

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