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Introducing change in any organisation is never easy. Implementing a new software may not feel like smooth sailing… unless you prepare yourself and your employees.


With hundreds of accounts configurations, we know what it means to be in the position in which you know you need a tool that will help you manage your business more efficiently but not everyone is so enthusiastic about it. It is something new, it will require additional effort and time to transfer data and learn to use the system that is way more powerful than a simple spreadsheet. We get it. It is scary.

The most successful implementations happen where there is a strong leader - the Change Champion.

The Change Champion is the link between the business and Archdesk team ensuring that both sides are on the same page in the process and have all the data and resources necessary to be able to successfully go through transition on both sides.


Are you the Change Champion?

Always enthusiastic about improving the business processes at a company.

Leads the organisation through change.

Understands it is crucial the system is introduced successfully for long term profitability and staying compatitive.

Eager to help other users go through transition to new software.

Motivates when the morale go down if challenges occur.

Educates about the benefits of the new software introduction before transition.


Before we start rolling out the system for the business



It is crucial that you discuss the fact that Archdesk system will be implemented at your company.

Archdesk Discuss


Make your employees aware it will be a process that takes a bit of time as nothing happens overnight but it will be worth it for your business bottomline.

Archdesk Educate
Assign Ownership

Assign Ownership

Make your employees owners of parts of the process. When people own something or are responsible for something, they tend to care more and be more engaged.

Archdesk Assign Ownership
Assign Support


Be emphatic. Not everyone is amazing with technology. Ensure the employees that both you and the Archdesk team are there to help.

Archdesk Support




Once you are ready for the change, you go through the implementation process. Because each business is different, so is the implementation process. It's never exactly the same, but it always follows a structurized, well-thought-out plan.


Depending on the type of your business and the size of the setup, system configuration may take from a week to a few weeks. It usually takes businesses 30-90 days to fully implement and go through initial training and feel comfortable in navigating the system. Even though no two implementation processes are exactly the same, we have developed and tested with multiple users a process that, step-by-step, walks you through the transition along us.


Succesful Implementation

Clearly specified business end goals.

Cooperation and understanding that system configuration takes time as well.

Open communication and responsiveness.

Engagement and commitment on both sides.

Motivates when the morale go down if challenges occur.

Can do attitude! Because we know we can do it and you should believe that too!


Introducing Archdesk
in your organisation

Archdesk Kick-off Call
Kick-off Call

Kick-off Call

During the Kick-off call we learn more about your business and expectations. We discuss the structure of your processes and together establish an account structure file that helps configure the system the right way.

Archdesk Configuration


Once we gather the information on how the system should look like for your business, we configure the accounts for the main user, set up departments structure and add dashboards for you to verify.

ArchdeskValidation & Verification
Validation & Verification

Validation & Verification

Once we finish the initial configuration we run a screen-share session with you to discuss verify if what we have gathered during the kick-off call and implemented in the system meets your needs.

Archdesk Additional Configuration
Additional Configuration

Additional Configuration

Once verified we do additional configuration of the system and we configure the accounts for all the other users of the system based on their role and the right level of access rights.

Archdesk Data Transfer
Data Transfer

Data Transfer

In the meantime we request certain sets of data from you that we can bulk upload for you into the system to give you the head start.

Archdesk Trainings & Online Sessions
Trainings & Online Sessions

Trainings & Online Sessions

When the setup is ready we schedule training sessions for you and the teams a your business.



& Support


When your system is ready to go, you are not left there hanging to dry. We provide you with the necessary tools to keep the momentum going and make sure you feel more and more comfortable with the system.





When your system is ready to go, you are not left there hanging to dry. We provide you with the necessary tools to keep the momentum going and make sure you feel more and more comfortable with the system.


Once you start using the system and add more and more data you will probably require some tweaks here and there so that the system brings you even more value with additional dashboard or changed process. In cases like that we are here for you. If you need some more reporting functionality or want to revisit parts of your setup you are welcome to contact us.


Revisiting Proceses

Adding more reporting

Expanding advanced functionalities

Find a solution tailored for your business.

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