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Archdesk is a cloud-based next-generation ERP software created for project control and efficiency in all the stages of each clients workflow. Originally created for the construction and production industries, this innovative solution supports the company to manage their projects with a broad view of the whole and hundreds of features to support activities as needed. Each module is implemented accordingly to each clients workflow, like a lego – unique configurations.

Once your company’s project is run inside Archdesk, there is a communication improvement and a higher connection among the work from teams in different departments. Tasks are done easily, faster and, in some cases, even automated, avoiding the loss of time, resources and effort. The final result is a clear detailed understand to make decisions more efficiently, reduce costs and make you project more profitable.


Project Management

Seamlessly improving your business by making sure you stay in control, every step of the way! Once you and collaborators from different teams have the data inside Archdesk, you will be able to see all your project aspects in one place. This complete overview will empower you to identify possible problems and make better decisions - based on data - to keep your projects efficiently and on time.

Programme of Works

Programme of Works

Improve your business by managing all your project aspects in one place.

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